School Council Minutes – October 2019

Posted November 19, 2019

In attendance – Nicole, Tiffany, Jasmine, Christine, Holly, April, Kelly, Marianne, Tammy, Amy

Welcome and September Minutes- Approved by Tammy and Christine. Tammy will post on website.

Division Report/ Principal’s Report – Tammy:

CUPE staff will be on strike as of Monday, however, our board will not be affected as much, will be business as usual for most part. Maintenance staff are cupe staff, i.e. plumber ect.

Slowly selling chocolate bars and dilly bars.

Communication from the school- main way office communicates is through UG connects through phone as well as voicemail. Will send voicemails for important things. Remind people to join UG connects. Do not do newspaper, as hard to get home. Will ask how often people visiting website. Check into phone number calling from.

Teacher appreciation day is Friday.

EQAO results are in. Strong in reading and writing, not as strong in math. Math trend across the province. Please see attached.

*Trying a different approach- “spiraling” from Waterloo Region.

*EQAO- multi steps, children need to persevere, each question makes sense

*Workshop around how to navigate math homework for parents. Put it out in the community

*Things to tweak in the future- not grading, but giving feedback, children do better when not graded.

Principal’s Report –

Treasurer’s Report –  Tania not present. Tammy reported- meet the teacher and bbq $1620, plus $864 online orders, jazzy jars $500, bill for dilly bars was $600, so about over $2500 for the night.  Soccer tournament was just over $400 profit. Just over $40,982 for playground equipment. Orders for subway, end of day tomorrow it ends to order. On Tuesday’s, 5 days. $44 408.82 is account balance as of right now. Next time talk about what parent council wants to put money towards.

Fundraiser-Magazine orders- going out tomorrow. Will ship before Christmas, hoping to come in for parent teacher interview.  Tammy will try to put the magazine on the website.

Tammy will also work on a letter for the kinettes for fundraising.

School Carnival– Overall feeling very good, teachers were happy about the night as well.

Children and parents seem happy.

Children all excited about jazzy jars.

Allowed parents to connect.

Great interactions between older kids and younger kids.

Game kits worked well, clean up really good- stored in arts room at the top.

Boundaries up around ending.

Dufferin Joint School Council Meetings:

-October 7th next meeting. Can go, talk about what is happening at the school. Would hear from Lynn Topping (Trustee), Denise Heslip (superintendent talks) and IT support coming to talk.

-December 9 *Think about hosting- agenda, snacks, chairing the meeting

-February 10

-April 6

Other Business: 

School council insurance:

Would have to purchase it for event not hosted by school- in the past we have helped with Shelburrr fest or parade. It costs $151.20, will need to do by September 27. Will go ahead and purchase.


Teacher has taken it on. Will do it in Febuary.

Holiday Event:

-December 12 6:30-7:30-Tammy request school

-Play the Grinch,

-hot chocolate bar

-Cookies from foodland- Christine to ask for donations

-crafts/ colouring pages-Tania

-Caroling books

-food/mittens/socks          donations to bring

Upcoming meeting: Wednesday November at 6:30pm in the CHES library Thank you to everyone who was able to attend this evening. All welcome at next meeting… tell your neighbours!

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