SC Meeting Agenda Sept 2020

Posted October 27, 2020

6:30 – 6:35 Welcome and Check-in

Present: Tammy Fleming, Marianne Milsap, Shannon Coleclough, Tracey Mcfarlene, April Rocha, Erin Allen, Debbie Mitchell, Tanya Alexander, Alex Carter, Suzette Christie, Kelly Walsh


6:40 – 6:45 Principal’s Report (Tammy)

Covid protocols posted on the website and sent out. Safety has been top priority, a lot of time spent planning. 18% selected online classes, lost 1 grade 2/3 class and lost 2 ECE. Staffing may shift again once families are able to either choose to do online or class- school year will be fluid, but as stable as possible. Children are doing really well with maintaining space and taking turns. Routines have been changed, i.e. parking lot has been closed to maintain physical distance while buses are unloading. Busing routine at the end of the day is also different, head out to buses 10 minutes earlier, this year has been the smoothest for the end of school routine. Goal for September has been safety, and understanding the gaps in learning that had happened last year. Terry Fox run is Friday- currently not doing fundraising due to financial difficulties that some families may be experiencing. Celebrating Rowan’s law- based on concussion and will also recognize orange shirt day- comes from residential school survivors, recognizing that each person matters. Will be doing a virtual open house- each teacher will be taking pictures of their room etc.

Tammy noted what happens if someone gets sick at school- follow public health guidelines. Have an isolation room. 


6:45 – 7:00 Election

Chair: Tracey McFarlane

Secretary: Tiffany Mccabe

Treasure: Debbie Mesmay

General voting parent: Shannon Coloughcol, Kelly Walsh, Tanya Alexander, Erin Allen


7:00 – 7:05 Treasurer’s Report

Parents council has been raising money for our new natural playground, we have enough money to get started right now – $42, 538.21 We have to carry forward 10% of the cost for the playground for repairs. We have $9000 raised from last year that we need to figure out what to do with- could be shifted to the playground funds. 

Tanya asked if we are able to have special days-  i.e. stress out days

Tammy said we are unable to mix classrooms, but we could plan something for individual classes.


7:05  – 7:10           Creative Ideas & FundRaising Initiatives 

-bring your ideas for next meeting, fundraising we are unable to do at this moment

7:10 – 7:45 Next steps 

Virtual literacy  night, virtual talent night (send a DIY hot chocolate kit), online learning parents- keep engaged, can join parent council if want


7:45 – 8:00         Other Business

Ideas for virtual guest speakers- maybe Jenny or a public health nurse to talk about mental health

 8:00                    Adjournment                




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