Helping Your Child

What can you do?

  • Call the school to make an appointment with your child’s teacher or communicate through your child’s agenda
  • Attend Parent-Teacher interviews, ask your child if there are things to be discussed with the teacher
  • Make a list of what you want to talk about

Get involved by:

  • Creating a positive learning environment at home
  • Offering to volunteer at the school
  • Attend School Council meetings

Activities you can do with your child that will help in school:

  • Read stories out loud to your child and have them read to you
  • Going to the library together for book borrowing
  • Watch a television show you both enjoy and then talking about it
  • Encourage your child to take responsibility around the house
  • Provide magazines and newspapers for your child to look at and read

Young children need:

  • To know that you believe school is important
  • 8 to 10 hours of sleep every night, good dental hygiene and regularly bathing
  • A nourishing breakfast in the morning (except when fasting for religious reasons)
  • Clothing suitable for the weather/temperature
  • Playtime with friends and family

What should I do if my child is having difficulty in school with his or her work?

  • Talk with your child
  • Contact the teacher or principal to discuss the matter
  • Involve your child in or tell your child about your meeting with the teacher and what was discussed
  • Work with the teacher to help your child
  • Work together with your child on the subject /assignment

What should I do if my child is having difficulty with other children?

  • Find out what the concern is from your child
  • Contact the teacher, find out what she or he knows about the situation and discuss possible solutions
  • Set up a meeting for you and your child to go to school to talk about the situation, if you feel this is necessary

Getting involved is easy-remember:

  • It is your school too
  • Education is a partnership between the school and the home, it works best when we work together
  • The teachers want to hear from you
  • Your child needs your support and involvement
  • You are your child’s best teacher and helper