Grades JK to 3….10 to 30 minutes per day
Grades 4 to 8….30 to 60 minutes per day
(includes studying, review, assignments, project completion and home reading)


  • Children need a place to do school work
  • A regular time and quiet location is helpful

Set some limits

  • Be flexible-some nights more time than others
  • Set aside homework time without distractions
  • Provide breaks for a snack or drink

Take an interest in the work your child is doing:

  • Ask about his or her school work
  • Find out if she/he has all the things needed like a dictionary or a calculator,
  • Have your child read out loud or taking turns is also enjoyable
  • Go over work before a test to see if your child understands what is being taught
  • Encourage neat and accurate work
  • Review work to see if it is completed and ready for school the next day
  • Encourage your child to take responsibility for homework