75 Dublin Street North Rezoning

Posted October 21, 2016

On Monday, October 17th the City of Guelph held a statutory public meeting in accordance with the Planning Act for the Official Plan amendment and Zoning by-law amendment required to permit the proposed 5-storey apartment building at 75 Dublin Street North immediately south of Central PS.

Public Meeting

Approximately 30 members of the pubic, including the lawyer retained by the Upper Grand District School Board made deputations before Council expressing concern about the proposed amendments.  The Board’s comments and serious concerns were also submitted to City staff and Council (link to document).  These concerns are consistent with the information presented to the Central PS Parent Council on October 13th (link to ppt).

Where to find information

Information on the application is available online at http://guelph.ca/city-hall/by-laws-and-policies-2/draft-by-laws/downtownzoning/75-dublin-street-north/ , where the information submitted related to the amendments are available.  Materials available include the planning justification report, shadow study, servicing and grading information, building elevations, traffic study and heritage impact study.

What is the Board doing?

The Board is continuing to review the materials added as recently as October 19, 2016 in order to evaluate its position on the application.  The Board is also discussing its concerns with the applicant and the City.  The issues raised by the school community remain of importance in those discussions.

Next Steps

Staff at the City will continue to receive and consider input from the public and the Board as they compile their recommendation report; however, the window for this is expected to close next week.  It is expected that the City’s staff report will be available to the public around November 18th and presented to Council on November 28th.  Those who attended the Council meeting will receive notification of the November meeting.  The Board will also ensure that the report is available on the school webpage when it is available.

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