Parent Council Presents: Kate Jones March 28th

Posted February 28, 2017

School Council Presents:

Free Parent Evening! “Raising Positive Happy Kids”

Presented by Kate Jones and Associates

Tuesday, March 28th, Central School Library, 6:30-8:00pm

Why is resilience so important to your child’s overall development? Resilience helps kids navigate struggles at home and at school.

Building resilience helps kids cope with life’s challenges positively.

How often have you asked yourself, “How well is my child doing in school?” Probably a lot. But how often do you ask the question, “Is my child developing resilience?” There are many ways to measure achievement, while measuring resilience may be more complex as it seems less tangible. Learn how to recognize resilience in your child and discover ways to promote his/her resilient abilities. You can empower your child by building on their strengths, providing positive messages, and encouraging resilience-building thoughts. Join Kate to learn how we can work together to help our kids build their resilience and learn to live with optimism. Let’s help our kids thrive at home and at school!

Childcare will be provided, all Central families are welcome!

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