Dress Up Day Wednesday, October 31st

Posted October 25, 2018

We will be having a Dress Up Day during the afternoon of Wednesday, October 31st!

Please note there are options for your child on this day:

– wear orange and black – dress in a costume – wear everyday clothes

If students wish to wear a costume please note the Costume Do’s and Don’ts.  

Costume Do’s Costume Don’ts
– follow the school Dress Code

– wear black and orange

– dress up as a character from your favourite book or movie

– use makeup or face paint – this is to be put on at home before school

– make sure you can get your costume on independently

– check that your costume is safe (i.e. not too long)

– no masks

– no weapons

– no violent references

Please note that our younger students may be sensitive to scary images! After second break the children will have a chance to change into their costumes.  It is much easier if the children are able to pull on their costume over the clothing that they are wearing that day in the classroom as we have limited space in the washrooms for a full change of clothing.  If your child’s costume requires any special makeup it would be great if you would apply it before coming to school.

Thank you for your support!

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