Talking About Mental Health January 2019 – Getting Outdoors

Posted December 17, 2018

Did you know that taking a 20 minute walk can boost your memory and brain power? Getting outside reduces stress, improves sleep and creates feelings of liveliness and energy. Even in the cold weather it is important to find time to get outdoors – even if just for brief amounts of time.

If you want your family:

To be less stressed

To be happier

To be more resilient

To feel better about themselves

To have increased attention

To have a better ability to learn

Then GO OUTSIDE! Take your kids outside! Enjoy and be part of nature.

One study showed that even 5 minutes in nature improves our mood. 5 minutes! We all can take 5 minutes (or more if have it) to go outside and enjoy nature.

Go for a walk or a ski or a skate or a run. Head for the woods. Go birdwatching. Follow tracks in the snow. Watch the sunrise or the sunset. Watch the clouds drift by. Visit a river or lake or pond. Listen for all the sounds of nature. Take in the smells. Notice all the colours and textures. Notice the light as the days get longer.

If you are not sure where to go, check out the links below for lots of great parks in our area.

Have a mentally healthy 2019

Jenny Marino is the Mental Health Lead for the Upper Grand District School Board.

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