Year End Newsletter

Posted June 27, 2019

It is with a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that we conclude our school year together!

Congratulations to our Grade 6 graduates.  We wish you much success next year and in years to come!

On behalf of the student body and school community I would like to extend a thank you to the Central Public School Staff for their dedication in providing quality educational programs to the children at Central.

Have a safe, relaxing and fun summer. See you in September!


Sept. 3rd – First Day of School

Sept. 19th – 6:30 – 8:00 School Council Meeting

Sept. 27th – PA Day

Oct. 11th – Picture Day

Best Wishes

The end of a school year is a time to celebrate all accomplishments, but also a time for some best wishes. This year we will be saying farewell to Ms. Baker, Ms. Cowan, Ms. Donnaghy, Ms. Parsons, Ms. H, Ms. Doherty and Mrs. MurrayCako.  From all of us at Central Public School thank you and we wish you all the best!

 First Day of School 

In keeping with privacy legislation and to keep our children safe we will not be posting class lists prior to the first day of school.  On the first day of school all teachers will be on the yard and will be standing with grade level signs. Children are to meet at their grade level sign.  Once the bell has gone, teachers will call out names and take their new class into the school. If it is raining on the first day, we will bring all children into the gym and have them sit by their grade level sign.    

Crossing at the CrossWalk

Families please remember to use the crosswalk in front of the school at the end of the day.  The crossing guard is there to ensure our safety.

Tentative Organization

A tentative organization for the 2019/2020 school year is included in this newsletter.  The organization is based on our enrolment in February and subject to change. Should there be further changes in enrolment, particularly in September, we may be directed to undergo a school reorganization. In that event class and staff assignments may change as directed by the school board staffing committee and Ministry of Education.

Principal – Donna McMillan

Office Coordinator – Karen Epps

KA – Kim Andrews, Christine Storey 

KB – Carrie Nelson, Chris McPhie, Alison Bonany 

1 – Irene Gibson

1/2 – Tracy Suffern

2/3 – Shannon Gorr

2/3 Franca Fedele

4 – Karen McNabb

5 – Joy Reddick, Devon Milloy

6 – Dave Anderson

Core French – Devon Milloy

Planning Teachers – Chris McPhie, Carol Powell, Kate Brennagh

Library – Kate Brennagh

Resource – Chris McPhie

Custodial Staff – John Schultz and Sheila Johnston



And just like that, another school year is behind us!  Your School Council for the 2018-2019 year would like to thank the staff at Central Public School and our fantastic school community for all of the ways you participated and supported our initiatives this year.  We are so very proud to be part of the Central School community!

We wish you all some fun and sun this summer break and hope you will join us for our first School Council Meeting of the 2019-2020 year:  

Thursday, September 19th, 2019 @ 6:30 pm (in the library)

Angela McHolm & Kate Wagler

School Council Co-Chairs (2018-2019)


Central Public School is looking for a Noon Hour Supervisor!  This role is for you if you enjoy working with school aged children, are kind and compassionate, enjoy being part of a team, like the outdoors and are available during the following nutrition breaks.  The first nutrition break takes place 10:25 – 11:10 am and the second break from 12:50 – 1:35 pm. The position pays $14.00 an hour. The successful applicant will provide noon hour supervision for students, both in the lunchroom as well as outside on school grounds. The Noon Hour Supervisor reports directly to the School Principal.


Summer is a great time for students to read.  Encourage your child(ren) to take books with them to the cottage, trailer, park, grandparents’ house, etc.!  If you are looking for some excellent suggestions, check out these helpful resources:

The first-ever Kid Committee Summer Reading List!

The first-ever Teen Committee Summer Reading List!

Also, don’t forget about all of the great programs that Guelph Public Library runs over the summer holidays, including the summer reading club:

12 Ways to Make Sure Your Family (and You) Get your Dose of VITAMIN ‘N’ this Summer!  

The benefits are clear. Now, more than ever, we can feel good about getting our family and ourselves outdoors and into Nature. It reduces stress levels, improves mood, boosts our immune system and helps us to increase our physical activity!

  1. Put nature on the calendar. If you plan the family’s sports commitments and vacations in advance, do the same for time spent in nature.
  2. Don’t tear down the tree, build up the kid. International play expert Joe Frost says the number one reason kids get hurt climbing trees is because they don’t have the upper body strength to hold onto the branch. Think of manageable risk as an opportunity to build strength and resilience in your kids.
  3. Take a city hike. In urban neighbourhoods, take your day packs, water and digital cameras and go look for nature.
  4. Moon walk. Walk by balmy summer moons with katydids singing and lightning bugs flashing – there is much magic in the natural world and most of it is free!
  5. Go backyard camping. Buy the kids a tent or help them make a canvas tepee, and leave it up all summer.
  6. Plant a backyard, community or high-rise vegetable garden. If your children are little, choose seeds large enough for them to handle and that mature quickly, including vegetables. 
  7. Go Native. Replace part of your lawn with native plants. Create a backyard butterfly pollinator garden.
  8. Go Wildsnapping. Nature photography is a great way to experience the great outdoors.
  9. Enroll in a nature camp or other outdoor-based organization.

10.Start or join a family nature club.

11.Visit a park.  Parks Canada now offers free admission to youth under 17 years. Ontario Parks has over 330 parks and each hosts many different activities. Check out their websites and be sure to visit a park this summer!

12.Be mindful and create balance.  For every dollar invested in the virtual, put at least another dollar in the natural. Limit access to texting, computers, and TV part of the day or week. Schedule Saturday as a “Smartphone and iPad-Free Outdoor Play Day” for kids and parents.

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