A Message about Parking from the City of Guelph

Posted September 1, 2019

Welcome back to school!

City of Guelph Bylaw Officers continue to see challenges around some schools.

We would like to remind all new and returning parents on the rules about parking to make the back-to-school experience safe and easy for everyone.

If you need to drive, one way to ensure that your children make it to school safely is to park a distance away from all the traffic and walk your students to the school.

Together, parents, school Councils and the City put time and consideration into parking areas and enforcement around schools. We use no parking and no stopping zones to relieve traffic and encourage parking and drop offs in areas that are safe to do so.

No parking

A “No Parking” sign means just that – no parking. Parents are encouraged to find an area near the school where they can park if they need to leave their vehicles to drop off students. You may use these areas to pull over and let a student out safely, however, you should not exit your vehicle at any time. Be mindful that you can still receive a ticket if you’re near your car or in your car waiting; blocking other parents from using a quick drop off space still means you’re parked.

No stopping

“No Stopping” signs means you may not use that space to stop and drop off a student, no matter how quick you are. When you stop in a “No Stopping” zone, you impact the safety of others. Instead, find a place where you can park safely, or use designated Kiss and Ride zones for quick drop offs.

Be a good neighbour

Please be mindful of other neighbours in the area. Be courteous and don’t block driveways. The convenience to park closely for you, no matter how quick you are, is not worth the inconvenience of someone else not being able to leave their home.

If you have to drive a student to school and park, ask around to see if other parents would allow you to park in a driveway nearby to walk.

For more information

David Wiedrick, Manager

Bylaw Compliance, Security and Licensing, Operations
City of Guelph

519-822-1260 extension 3475

[email protected]

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