Finding the warmth in winter!

Posted January 7, 2020

Winter Clip ArtWelcome winter!  We are so delighted to be back at school, working with our wonderful students.  Over the fall, we have been very impressed with the kindness and consideration our students exhibit and with the enthusiasm and positivity they bring to school each day.  Students, we hope you had a lovely break and are back ready to work hard and demonstrate your learning in a whole variety of ways.   

Every year we get questions on when it is too cold for the students to be outside. There is no definitive answer. Decisions depend on the amount of wind, sunlight, length of time out, etc.

Hat And MittensWe do expect students to come dressed for the weather and to be outside. Generally, we do not send the students out if the temperature is below -20. We also provide a “warming station” inside when needed. 

When it is cold outside we use our judgment, being aware of weather and wind conditions, the length of time spent outside, and the way children are dressed.  We do have extra hats and mittens available for our students. We would gratefully receive any donations of clean, gently-used or new hats, mittens, neck-warmers and snowpants.  We seem to go through the hats and mittens at an incredible rate.  Perhaps you have some clothing borrowed from the school and could be returned?

Hopefully, this is information is helpful so that we can enjoy the outdoors and our Canadian winter. Please visit the Environment Canada website at  for more information.

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