Meeting Minutes, November 21, 2019

Posted January 15, 2020


MEETING Central Public School Parent Council
DATE November 21, 2019
LOCATION School Library


TIME 6:30-8:00pm
PRESENT Noelle O’Brien, Kate Wagler, Nigel Williams, Mona Kim, Natasha Perez-Hoang, Donna MacMillan, Kate Brennagh, Tia Winters, Laurie Bowers




Discussion ITEMS


Item # Description


1 Agenda approval: Motion to approve- Tia, Natasha seconds

Meeting minutes: Motion to approve: Nigel, Kate seconds

2 Principals’ report:

Staffing changes: Chris McPhee resigned

Only 20% of his job remained a permanent position, the rest has to be a long term occasional

Sara Hoag is now a full time teacher in the kindergarten class, Chris’ job was broken into 3 parts, Chantal Parsons has picked up 50% of grade 3 and 4, 50% Special Ed resource

Hired Kimberley Stark for grade 3 and 4 afternoon

Kate Payne is now in Grade 5 class for part of Joy’s class

Collaborative inquiry happening in primary division with first nations, bringing in elders and storytellers

Tomorrow, Grade 6s are going to Westminister Woods to do some coding, the kids have learning buddies with that class

They are working with Micro Bits- affordable mini computer used to do coding

Teacher at that school who has lots of experience

Donna had micro bits donated to the school and is hoping to continue the collaboration


Coming up on Tuesday, teachers moving to Work to Rule

Donna unsure of what it will affect, she has questions and teachers have questions as well, it’s a complicated issue

Will have an impact on what’s on offer in the school

Strike will not affect what is going on during the school day

All teachers in Ontario are bargaining at the Ministry level


This week is Bullying prevention, had a book swap, sign up for people to read books to the class (ie. Mr. Schultz)

3 Treasurer’s Report:


The only change is an increase to $3468, due to Fresh from the Farm revenue

Farm and Wreath funds have historically gone into greening but this year Farm will go into greening


4 Fundraising:


Fresh from the Farm went well and similar revenue to last year

Holiday Greens is currently at the same revenue as last year so JJ is happy with that news

5 Kate: 50th anniversary celebration

Sandy Clipsham is going to do a video for us, probably 5-6 minutes which will focus on kids in the building

50th anniversary of building but almost 150 year anniversary of this school

Partnering with Civic Museum, there will be an exhibit there in the Fall of 2020, a small area to showcase the anniversary, we can have an opening to celebrate and share the information

Central might be part of Doors Open in April

A man came into the office, he went to school here in 1950 and he had a newspaper clipping with all the names of the people, he will be involved to tell his story

Each class is signed up for a decade to show the history

6 Silent Auction:


Before we go ahead with more fundraising initiatives, we have decided that we need to know what we are fundraising for

Donna will talk to staff about a wish list for what they would need funds for, but they need to determine what is currently in the school and then decide what is ideal to have, they are doing a technology inventory next week and will have a better idea of what they need, the board will be funding some upgrades, Leveled Readers and Instructional Supplies- they need to determine what they have in the school before they go ahead and buy anything

Donna expressed that there are some furniture needs in the school for example

Donna said that supporting an enriching experience might be the best way to go

FNMI people coming in has been paid for through the Board Office

Donna recommended either selling chocolates or selling themed baskets as an easier fundraiser

Will be getting spirit wear and there is the possibility of offering to the public as a way to raise some money

Some ideas for funds:

Scientists in the School

7 Victory Parent Council:


Wondering if we want to participate in another showing of the screenagers film, there would be no financial contribution required

8 Music Program:


Tia has been working on getting community interest in contributing to an arts program at Central

We learned that it will cost $1000 to get a group of Ukeleles and that Guelph Music would be willing to donate some resources that go along with it

Tia also reached out to Cynthia to see how much she would charge to run a workshop for the teachers to be able to teach the ukeleles

Music Play- online resource for teaching music

Tia looked into buying recorders for the school and Tia’s mom would be willing to come into the school, grades 3 & 4, to teach the kids, another woman would be willing to donate her time to come to the school and offer the lessons


9 Meeting Adjournment:


Kate makes a motion to adjourn the meeting, Noelle seconds


action ITEMS


Item # DUE DATE Description Assigned to
1 Next meeting Inventory/Wish List for what funds would be allocated for Donna
2 Next meeting Revisit the music program initiative to see where Tia is at in the process and to see if Council will be willing to donate funds to support the program  
3 Next meeting Donna will approach teachers about what they see as the needs in our school music program, get their advice on what they see as the best instruments to teach  


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