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Posted February 3, 2020

Fun facts about vaccines!

  • You are 4 times more likely to get hit by a meteorite than to have a serious reaction to a vaccine.
  • You have a 0.00013 percent chance of having a serious reaction to a vaccine!
  • Vaccination is among the most successful and cost-effective health initiatives; routine immunization is the foundation of the health care system and universal health coverage.
  • Vaccines save millions of lives each year.
  • Vaccines are for people of all ages; vaccinations are for a lifetime.
  • We all have a part to play as advocates, individuals, parents, health care workers and innovators; individuals must drive the vaccine process.
  • Health Care Workers have a critical role to play to counteract vaccine hesitancy.


PARENT TIP – Check out this link for tips to help your child cope during immunizations!


Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness week is February 10-14.

Learning about sexual and reproductive health can play a key role in shaping a child’s views about life, relationships, and healthy development. The Ontario Health and Physical Education curriculum supports healthy growth and development for all children through age-appropriate up-to-date, and accurate education. Dialogue about these important topics is encouraged between parents and children to support a healthy understanding and build the skills necessary to adapt to the physical and emotional changes that occur during puberty. This knowledge helps children develop a positive self-concept and improve their mental health and well-being.

The goal is for children to be able to develop healthy relationships and make informed decisions as they transition into adulthood.

For questions about human development, healthy relationships or sexual health services, visit


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