School Council Meeting Minutes, January 2020

Posted February 13, 2020

MEETING Central Public School Parent Council
DATE January 16, 2020
LOCATION School Library


TIME 6:30-8:00pm
PRESENT Noelle O’Brien, Kate Wagler, Donna MacMillan, Tia Winters, Laurie Bowers, Angela McHolm, Rob Milani, Kirsty Spencer, Norah Whitfield


Discussion ITEMS

Item # Description


2-3 Agenda approval: Motion to approve: Kate, seconded by Ang

Meeting minutes: Motion to approve: Tia, seconded by Kate

4 Principal’s report (Donna):

–      not as much to report, no staff meetings due to work to rule

–      not sure how report cards and communication with parents will be affected by strikes and work to rule yet

–      trustee Linda Busatil came to school to learn about academic needs of the school and Central’s placement in the community

–      teachers can request a program coach to work with them on initiatives on they decide together

–      Donna is hoping that we will still be considered a year one school for next year so that we will be entitled to what we should have had this year

–      new kindness initiative, ping pong, pass it along, injection of positivity

–      Donna said that they have an initiative to reach some school wide goals, once they get enough ping pongs, they get their goal and reward. This is something that teachers can attend.

–      very few upcoming programs and activities due to work to rule, people can come into a classroom but cannot conduct an assembly

–      50th anniversary celebration is hard to get off the ground because of the work to rule, proposal to do the larger celebration in the fall as part of the open house that we would run anyway, also proposing to do something on a smaller scale during education week (May), ie. cake, artist doing clay buttons, dressing up in vintage clothing, taking a photo and doing a health hustle

–      will still do spirit wear

–      t shirts for students to celebrate

–      in the fall they want to do a timeline showing the history of the school

–      someone needs to communicate with Sandy that we need to postpone the video

–      participation in Doors Open Guelph will also be cancelled

–      Guelph museum will do display in the fall with artifacts from the original building

–      Ang asked if report cards will still be able to be completed under current work to rule.  Donna said that report cards would be different but they are still waiting to hear from director on that and that comes from the Ministry

–      teachers are not currently entering marks on report cards as dictated by work to rule

–      Donna is expecting to hear in the next few days about where things are going

–      Possibly another strike on Tuesday of next week but does not include UGDSB

5 Treasurer’s Report: Rob

–      Current balance $12, 489 in bank

–      $2k committed to primary/levelled readers but we have not received the receipt/invoice for that yet

–      we are waiting to hear if we can purchase new spellers (language arts texts) for Grade 6s but staff determined that we purchase a few books but not a whole new set

–      $7284 to go to greening

–      $1000 allocated for playground equipment repairs

–      $533 for playground repair

–      we still have $2200 of funds to allocate

–      Rob is wondering if we have money in the wreath fundraiser because there is currently a deficit, Donna found paperwork

–      $140 allocated to cover childcare

–      Fresh from the Farm funds will go to ‘greening’ projects and Wreath fundraising funds will go into our ‘general’ pot

6 Social Planning

–      Kirsty is suggesting a soup social and wondering if we can do that during the work to rule

–      Donna said that teachers are not able to attend

–      Kirsty also suggested to do a play out back and have hot cider- as a way of building community and connections within the school community

–      Donna is suggesting that we incorporate the soup social as something we can offer to teachers during the day to show our support to them

–      games night Feb. 20th, 6pm-8pm

–      Noelle will take the lead on games night

–      Donna suggested buying some new games for the school and trying them out that night, something that students would use during rainy days

–      Noelle offered to go and purchase the games

–      Decision to incorporate games night with soup social

–      families will eat soup in gym

–      Donna is looking into the power required to keep the soup warm

–      Donna will order tables if required

7 Fundraising plans:

–      we have about $2k to allocate

–      Planet Bean fundraiser still happening in March, brings in about $400, Rob and Ang will run it again, will roll it out March 30th

–      Donna suggesting as a kick off to fundraiser, coffee put out in the morning for parents, will put it outside for parents, everyone agreed this was a great idea

–      could run the program with JOE

–      JJ and Glynis may do plant sale, around Mother’s Day

–      idea to sell SEED soup kits as a fundraiser


Teacher’s wishlist for how to allocated Parent Council funds (Donna):

–      kindergarten and whole school would like peace garden re-opened as a space for teachers to use while supervising kids

–      Noelle offered to spend time cleaning and working towards reopening the space- need to spend time in next meeting sorting out details

–      more recess toys, specifically toys that are more durable

–      Donna will ask teachers to ask for specifics on what outdoor toys they would like

–      Nora made a motion to allocate $500 for toys and Kate seconded the motion

–      Another request by teachers was for 2 CD players to play the CDs they have

–      for 50th celebration: t shirts for all students to receive one

–      fabric markers

–      pay for guest artist to come in for 50th celebration

–      Donna spoke to teachers about ukeles and recorders, teachers are concerned about introducing it because they don’t have experience with instruction

–      Donna suggested getting something easier to instruct

–      really depends on the teacher and their ability

–      $190.48 for whole school access to the videos and lesson plans through Music Play

–      Resonator Chime bars are $100, Donna suggests 3 sets

–      Total about $500

–      Donna suggesting to also buy the resonator bells as well for $150 total, Tia made the motion to purchase the bells and Laurie seconded the motion

–      Tia made a motion to allocate $500 to the music program, Laurie seconded the motion

–      Donna feels that it will help to build capacity

–      Tia knows someone who would be willing to come into the school and instruct for free

–      12 new chrome books received in the school as part of tech refresh

–      Donna would like each classroom to have 4 chrome books per classroom, as well as a chrome book cart for that if a full class set is needed, there would be access to that

–      chromebooks are $320 each

–      Donna said that a chromebook was taken and that we need to have a storage system with a lock

–      currently the school has about 39, not including teachers or students who have their own

–      we will decide at a future meeting if we are going to allocate funds to tech for the school

8 We will postpone BBQ discussion until next meeting

However, we are going to tentatively book it for June 19th, 2020

Jess is no longer running it

9 Motion to adjourn the meeting: Tia, seconded by Laurie


action ITEMS


Item # DUE DATE Description Assigned to
1 Next meeting Coffee Social component- who will run it, how will we do it all in attendance
2 By Spring Organize effort to re-open peace garden Noelle
3 Next meeting Discussion about whether council will be putting funds towards tech in the school Council
4 Next meeting BBQ- who will run it and any changes we want to make Council


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