Central Good Cheer Convoy

Posted May 1, 2020

Central Good Cheer Convoy

Dear Central PS Families,

The staff at Central would like to wish all of our families well by driving through our school community. After checking with the Superintendent and consulting the Provincial State of Emergency orders, we have received permission providing our staff and community adhere to the Provincial Social Distancing Orders. 

Here are the details:
Tuesday May 5th, 2020

-Staff will start at Central PS at 10:00 AM and will follow the route on the map provided. 

-Please note that the staff will be practicing social distancing protocols during the Good Cheer Convoy

 -Please note that the staff will be in their own vehicles and will not be leaving their vehicles at any point in time.  

-Staff cannot share a vehicle unless they live in the same home.

-Staff may not get out of their cars at the school–they will form a line using the parking lot and the playground area. Seatbelts must be worn at all times.  Staff must follow all traffic rules, especially regarding stop signs and stop lights.

A route throughout our school community is attached. Please note that the staff will go to Central to begin the route. Mrs McMillan will be the last car in the line, so you will know when the drive is over.

We’re asking families to be outside on your front porch in front of your house so the staff can wave at you. We will not be able to tour every street. Please keep sidewalks clear for others who may wish to see the cars drive by.

If your home isn’t on the route, please make your way to a place that is on the route while practicing social distancing. Maintain 2m (about a hockey stick’s length) away from each other.

We want to see as many smiling faces as we can!

We’re hoping that this will give our students and staff something to look forward to on Tuesday, May 5th. It’s a small way of saying how much we miss you and thank you for the great job you are doing with Distance Learning.

The Staff of Central PS

Convoy Zoomed In

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