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IEP Information

All students with an IEP received a print copy of their IEP today in their period 1/homeroom classes.  Included in the envelope was a letter with the contact information of your student’s resource teacher.  On the back of the letter was a reference sheet for parent resources and a consultation form to be completed online or you can contact the resource teacher with updated information.


For students in the Remote school, IEPs will be mailed to the home address on Friday, October 2nd.  The envelope will include the same information as in school students, including resource teacher contact information, parent resource reference sheet and IEP consultation opportunities.


For all students, there is an IEP Parent/Student Consultation Form.  Please complete this form and return it to the period 1 or 2 teachers OR you can email it to [email protected] OR mail it to College Heights (mailing address at the top of the letter).


If you have any questions or did not receive the IEP envelope, please call me at 519 821 4510 x 305 or feel free to email me at [email protected]


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