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Parent information on quad 1 reporting, quad 2 model and survey

October 13, 2020

To the Parents/Guardians of UGDSB secondary students:

We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with information regarding quadmester 2, the board’s Intent to Change Survey, assessment, community hours and more. 

UGDSB secondary schools will continue to operate in quadmester 2 using the same model as quadmester 1. For reference, information on the current model is posted on the board website at: 

Secondary Remote School

Students in the Secondary Remote School will continue to be in a quadmestered model and will follow the same weekly schedule as the students attending in person for their next 2 classes.  Please note that the Secondary Remote School may not be able to completely replicate everything from the regular school environment or offer the breadth/types of courses available in your home school. This is especially true of some specialized courses and programs such as Transportation Technology, Construction and some performing Arts courses.  

In the remote learning model, students will continue to receive 300 minutes of instruction per day through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities.  The scheduled synchronous learning sessions will be communicated to parents and students. Teachers will provide some flexibility to students on an individual basis when students are unable to participate in synchronous learning.

Teachers will continue to provide accommodations, modified expectations, and alternative programming to students with special education needs, as detailed in their IEPs. For more information on our Secondary Remote School, please visit or

Quadmester 1 and 2 Schedule

The schedule for Quadmester 1 and 2 can be found here

Intent to Change Survey 

On Wednesday, October 14th an Intent to Change Survey will open for secondary students who wish to change their mode of learning from in-person to remote or remote to in-person. ONLY complete this Google Form if you are requesting a CHANGE from your child’s current placement. It will be found on the UGDSB at and school websites and social media accounts. 

At this time, we are requesting that only the parents/guardians of students opting to switch their current model complete the survey. 

Please note that this survey is to be completed no later than Wednesday, October 21, 2020, at 4:00 pm in order to facilitate your request.

Parent Contact Week for Quadmester 1 – October 14 to 21, 2020 

During the week of Oct. 14-21, parents/guardians are encouraged to contact their child(ren)’s teacher(s) for an update on their course progress. Midterm marks will be communicated to students on Wednesday, Oct 14. Students will be encouraged by their teachers to share these marks and their progress with parents/guardians. Final marks for half credit courses in Careers and Civics courses will also be made available to students on Wednesday, Oct. 14. Please note that written report cards will not be issued to students in a quadmestered model. 

Final Quad 1 Report Cards

Final report cards that include marks, learning skills/work habits and comments will be issued at the end of each quadmester. For quadmester 1, final report cards will be issued on Monday, November 23 for both in-school and students enrolled in the Secondary Remote School. 

Final Exams

In the UGDSB, there will be no exams in the secondary quadmestered model this year. However, teachers may choose to include a final evaluation or culminating activity up to 30% of a student’s final mark.

Community Involvement Hours

For students graduating in the 2020-21 school year, the community involvement graduation requirement will be reduced to a minimum of 20 hours of community involvement activities. This recognizes that graduating students have had barriers to earning their community involvement hours last school year and there may be continued barriers this school year.

In addition, the Ministry is providing increased flexibility in how all secondary students can earn hours in 2020-21. Students may use the time allotted for the instructional program on a school day, or duties normally performed in the home (e.g., walking a younger child to and from school, helping younger siblings with school work). In addition, students aged 14 years and older can count up to a maximum of 10 hours from paid employment towards their earned hours at the discretion of the principal. Students counting paid employment towards their graduation requirement will be required to complete a reflection exercise indicating how their work contributed to the service for others. 

Please refer to UGDSB Community Involvement website for more information. 

Grade 9 Assessment of Mathematics

For the 2020-21 school year, EQAO will be field testing a new online and adaptive assessment for Grade 9 Academic and Applied mathematics courses. This field test will provide an opportunity for students to try this new format and will support the continued development of the assessment platform. 


Spring administration of the OSSLT will proceed for the 2020-2021 school year. Home schools will be reaching out to those students who do not have the literacy requirement and are eligible to graduate by June 2021 to discuss the options available to meet the literacy requirement. 

Quad 2 Secondary Model Information

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