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The Advisory Committees

College Heights has an advisory body composed of prominent members of the community who have volunteered their time to advise us on how to keep our programs current with the latest ideas in local businesses and industry. This is called the Board of Directors. Advisory Committees are our next level of community partners, working with College Heights and the Board of Directors.

The Role of the Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees provide the necessary link between College Heights and the community it serves. They keep the school responsive not only to current needs, but also assist in the identification of future trends/changes in the marketplace.

The Board of Directors has a primary responsibility for assessing community needs and evaluating the effectiveness of College Heights in meeting those needs. Advisory Committees play a key role in helping the Board exercise that vital responsiblity. While Advisory Committee recommendations constitute an important source of information and advice to the Board, the committees themselves are not accountable for program effectiveness or the quality of graduates. These responsibilities ultimately rest with the School administration and teachers.

Advisory Committee initiate, promote, assess and advise. Members serve as problem identifiers and assist the staff in development solutions.