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Secondary Intent to Change Mode of Learning Survey

The UGDSB is providing secondary students with a final opportunity to change between in-person and remote learning. Parents/guardians of secondary students will be required to complete the Secondary Intent to Change Survey between January 4-11 to indicate their intent to switch their current mode of learning. Please read the information below for instructions and details.

IMPORTANT: Please note that, unlike Semester 1 where students had the option of switching between quadmester 1 and 2, the January survey will be the ONLY remaining opportunity for students to change their learning mode. In other words, where a student begins Semester 2 is where they will remain for the rest of the school year (June 2021). This will allow schools to best meet the needs of students with respect to course selection, and to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that students have the courses they need by the end of the school year.

Semester 2 Survey

Semester 2 (Quadmesters 3 and 4) runs from February 3 to June 29, 2021. At this time, we anticipate that Semester 2 will run using the same or similar model as Semester 1.

The parents/guardians of secondary students who wish to change their current learning mode for Semester 2 must complete the survey between Jan. 4-11, 2021. The deadline to complete the survey is Jan. 11 at 4pm:

The survey provides secondary students with two options:

  1. I want to switch to Remote Learning for Semester 2 (Quadmesters 3 and 4)
  2. I want to switch to In-Person Learning at my home school for Semester 2 (Quadmesters 3 and 4)

ONLY those who are requesting a CHANGE from their current mode of learning are to complete the survey. If a survey form is not completed by the closing date, the student’s current learning mode status will remain.

Families who are unable to access the online survey should call their home school for assistance between Jan. 4-11, 2021.

All families who complete the Intent to Change Survey will receive more information prior to the start of Semester 2.