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Student Pre-Registration Survey

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When you click on the survey link, the survey will open up in a new window. The survey will ask you the following questions using the same numbering as below:

  1. Who is completing this Form?
  2. Name of Person Completing this Registration Form
  3. I am completing this survey for:
    1. A student who already attends or is formally registered (new JK) to attend a UGDSB school
    2. A student who is NEW to the UGDSB (and not yet formally registered)
    3. A student who was registered in UGDSB, but are not returning to a UGDSB school this year
  4. Legal Last Name of Student
  5. Given First Name of Student 
  6. OEN of Student (Found on most recent Report Card) – optional 
  7. Birthdate of Student
  8. What school will this student attend in September? Secondary Schools are listed at the bottom.
  9. What grade will this student attend next year?
  10. Will this student be returning to school or participating in Remote/Distance learning?
  11. If this student is eligible for transportation, will the student ride the bus?

Pre-Registration Information

On July 30, 2020, the Ministry of Education announced its decision for the reopening of schools in September. All elementary and secondary schools in the Upper Grand District School Board are to reopen under a conventional model in September. This means that all schools will open to students for in person learning, five days a week.  

The province also stated that parents/guardians will have the choice to keep their child at home if they do not feel comfortable returning to school in person in the fall.  

Therefore, there are two options for UGDSB students: 

  1. Attend school in person, or
  2. Participate in remote/distance learning from home 

Students cannot attend school part-time and also participate in distance learning. To learn more about these two options, please read the information below and then continue on to the pre-registration form. 


The deadline to pre-register for the fall reopening of school is August 14, 2020.

Parents/students were given the opportunity to change their original pre-registration decision, with a deadline of Sunday August 23 at 4pm. Information on this is posted at

Reopening Model for September

The school board is finalizing its plans for the reopening of UGDSB elementary and secondary schools. 

Individual schools will also develop a plan for their school site, including enhanced cleaning and safety protocols as outlined in this document.  The plans will include information on new/late student registration, first day routines (and beyond), communication with the school/teachers,  and other protocols and safety items. Important details will be shared with parents/guardians and staff before the school year starts. 

Please keep in mind that the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and the details outlined below could change based on direction from the Ministry of Education and/or public health officials. 

Elementary Schools

The Ministry of Education has directed all elementary schools (JK to 8) in Ontario to reopen with a conventional in-person delivery model of teaching and instruction, with enhanced health and safety protocols in place. In this model students attend school full time, five days per week starting on September 8, 2020.  Students remain with only their class during the day, including during recess and lunch. This class is considered their “cohort.” Cohorted classes will stay together with one teacher in their classroom where possible and specialized teachers would go into each classroom to provide programming for students. All areas of the curriculum will continue to be taught. 

Secondary Schools

UGDSB has been directed by the Ministry to open all secondary schools with the conventional model, with enhanced health and safety protocols in place. Students will attend school in person for five days a week, however the UGDSB will reduce the number of in-person hours for students in order to allow for smaller cohorts and physical distancing. Students will attend their classes five days a week and receive the full 300 minutes of instruction each day. However, students will attend in person for 150 minutes each day with their classroom teacher, and will then receive 150 minutes of instruction through remote learning.  

Secondary school courses will be timetabled using a “quadmestered” approach. In a quadmester, students only take two courses at a time for a 10-week period. Students will then take their next two courses for the subsequent 10 weeks to complete the full semester. In this approach, students would be part of two cohorts of students at a time.

For more information on the secondary reopening model visit:

In-Person vs Remote Learning

Parents/guardians will have the choice to opt their children out of in-person delivery if they do not feel comfortable returning to school in person in the fall.

Therefore, there are two options for UGDSB students: 

  1. Attend school in person, or 
  2. Participate in remote/distance learning from home.

At this time, students cannot attend school part-time and also participate in remote learning. If students wish to change from remote to in-person learning (or vice versa), they will be permitted to switch formats at set points during the school year.  Parents should be aware that the period of time that students must remain in their chosen delivery format will be an extended period of time, for example at the end of a reporting term in elementary or quadmester in secondary.

Students who choose remote learning will participate in real-time, synchronous learning every day. Classes will be led by teachers at scheduled times during the school day. The amount of time students will spend each day on remote learning will be equal to the amount of time as students who chose in-person learning. 

If students choose to participate in remote learning from home, rather than attend school in person, they will be assigned to ‘central’ classrooms. Classes may be composed of students from different schools, depending on numbers. Central class sizes will be consistent with regular class sizes. Staff who are assigned to remote classes may not be the staff from your child’s school. Therefore, remote teachers may not be the same as if the student were in their home school. In elementary, if a student changes between remote learning and in-class learning during the year (at the defined points as described above), their teacher will change.

Remote Learning in Elementary

For elementary students, remote learning will be delivered via Google Classroom.  All teachers providing lessons for a given class will create a subject specific tab within the Classroom. Special Education, Specialist, French teachers and Early Childhood Educators (for kindergarten) will also have access to the Google Classroom for each class they support/teach. All curriculum areas will be taught, evaluated and reported on. All teachers providing lessons for a class will collaborate to create one Monday-Friday timetable for students to follow indicating live whole group and live small group learning sessions.  This timetable will be sent to parents/students in advance of being implemented. This will allow parents time to plan for their children to attend remote learning lessons, with some regularity and will create student routines. 

Remote Learning in Secondary

For secondary students, remote learning will be delivered via Google Classroom and/or BrightSpace. Courses will cover all areas of the curriculum and all overall expectations will be evaluated and reported on. Students will be expected to attend class virtually on a daily basis according to a set schedule indicating live whole group and live small group learning sessions.  This schedule will be sent to parents/students in advance of being implemented. The length of the school day for students in remote learning will be the same as those students attending in person. The class makeup of students in remote learning will be coordinated centrally, based on survey results from our pre-registration process with respect to confirmation of intent to return. Although every effort will be made to honour students’ existing timetables in a remote model, students may need to alter their selections based on the courses that will be offered remotely.

For additional information about the board’s reopening plan please review our reopening models at

Pre-Registration Form

In order for us to be prepared for September, parents must complete the following student pre-registration by August 14, 2020. We require this information now to ensure that we have adequate staff, resources and transportation in place to accommodate parent decisions. Pre-Registration for all students is required; parents will be required to complete a pre-registration form for each student in their family.


Please note: Once submitted, registration decisions cannot be changed until after the start of the school year. If a change is requested at that time, there may be a waiting period before the change can be put into place to ensure safety and to make arrangements for students.   

If students are not pre-registered, the waiting period for entry into school may be extended due to class or school reorganizations in elementary schools, or timetabling and course selection restrictions in secondary schools.  

Before beginning the survey, it would be helpful to find all student Ontario Education Numbers (OEN), located on the most recent report card. 

The deadline to pre-register for the fall reopening of school is August 14, 2020.