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Fitness & Wellness


Walking using poles is a low stress, total body workout that’s fantastic for weight loss, lowering blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, relieving back, shoulder and neck pain, and recovery from knee and hip replacement
surgeries. It improves your posture, balance and core muscles, and it is also great for your body and mind. Why attend? If you don’t know the technique, you won’t get all the benefits! Walking poles provided.

Wed   Oct 2-Nov 6 7 – 8 pm 6 classes $45.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Dance Studio Barry Bartlett PR-5409



Come on out for a fun game of volleyball. Men and women welcome. Wear non-marking running shoes and bring a water bottle. **No Class the week of March 13th or March 27th, 2019**

Wed   Sep 11-Dec 4 8 – 10 pm 13 classes $60.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Double Gym Rita Baldassarra PR-5412


Wed   Sept 11-Jun 17 8 – 10 pm 33 classes $99.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Double Gym Rita Baldassarra PR-5411




Fun fitness for adults and seniors.  Come join Hummingbird Belly Dance, where a qualified belly dance instructor has designed a program that will help you develop core and muscle strength.  Also, Belly Dance helps improve your blood circulation and balance, with low impact on your joints.  Gently rolls and stretches, combined with laughter and joy, create good vibrations for your fitness.  Together, we will provide you with your own personal program.  Must be in good health and excited to learn.  To start class, you will need to purchase a coin belt, which you can purchase at flea markets or online.  *Class will not be held the week of Oct 10, 2019.

Thu Sept 26-Dec 12 7 – 8:30 pm 10 classes $100.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Dance Studio Joan Pope PR-5474




Build your yoga from the ground up with detailed instruction of postures with a focus on proper alignment.  In this 8 week series, you will learn: Breath and Movement, 20 basic postures and their benefits, Relaxation and Meditation, how to take what you learn on our mat into your everyday life and reap the benefits.  Perfect for first time yoga participants, those wishing to get back to the basics after time away from their practice, or mobile seniors

Tue Oct 8-Nov 26 7 – 8 pm 8 classes $95.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Lower Library Carol-Anne Fisher PR-5555




This four-letter word FOOD has become more and more confusing to understand.  Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Joan has put together a 6 week course on basic nutrition.  You will learn about essential fats, carbohydrates, good foods, meal planning, and why preserving is beneficial.  You will be required to bring a notebook and writing tool.  

Tue Sep 17-Oct 22 7 – 8 pm 6 classes $100.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 210 Joan Pope PR-5473