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Insight & Awareness


Have you ever wanted to explore the more mystical aspects of life but didn’t know where to begin? This sampler of intriguing practices from a variety of cultural and spiritual traditions will help you learn more about yourself, and provide a great introduction. Indulge your curiosity and take this fascinating experiential journey with Artist & Shamanic Practitioner CJ Shelton of the Alton Mill Arts Centre and www.dancingmoondesigns.ca.                 

Session 1 – Invisible Energy Systems – an introduction to our body’s chakra system, auras and natural healing abilities

Session 2 – The Art of Meditation – experience a gentle introduction to meditation followed by a form of expressive art called mandala making

Session 3 – Our Heroic Journeys –Tarot cards and oracles aren’t just fortune telling but fascinating symbol systems that help us visualize and tell our personal stories

Session 4 – What’s Your Type? – how the ancient theory of the Four Elements can help you learn more about your personality and relationships with others

Session 5 – Teaching Wheels – an introduction to the Wheel of Life which is used in many traditions as a tool for connection, communication and problem solving

Session 6 – Into the Dream Realm – decoding the language of our soul through dream symbolism, omens, and intuition

Session 7 – Divine Connections – guides, gurus and angelic presences … do you believe?

Tue Apr 5 – May 17 8pm– 10pm 7 classes $150 + HST
Orangeville DSS—Rm 805 CJ Shelton PR-6725