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Do you have “gut feelings” and sometimes don’t listen? Do you wish you could know what to do next and act on it? Everyone weathers storms in their lives; illnesses, lost direction, with regards to career or job, feelings of negativity and things just not going right. Barbara can help you to find out what the inner compass is, why we have it and understand how it works together with our body, mind, and spirit. You will explore how to bring in the Angels and other beings of love and light to understand how to navigate the river of life. Then we put it all together with tools to help you feel better, see your path more clearly, and understand what is next. Come join us!  **No Class the week of March 11, 2019**

Mon   Jan 21 – Feb 11 7 – 9 pm 4 classes $90.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 129 Barbara Kawa PR-5000


Mon   Feb 25 – Mar 25 7 – 9 pm 4 classes $90.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 129 Barbara Kawa PR-5001



Would you like to feel better about making decisions? Would you want to be able to harness the ability to see things more clearly? Would you like to know how your inner compass works? And how to use it for others too? This is a workshop geared towards people who feel like they don’t belong and don’t know why, who tell themselves about how rejected they are, who feel they are alone and see the world as a harsh and hard place to be, or someone who wants to learn about their gifts. In this workshop, you will learn about your inner compass and how you can discover your intuitive superpower and how to intuit or read for yourself and others. There will be opportunities to feel what it is like to use your gifts, hear how others do it, and see how it works for yourself. It is a place to grow, share and feel like you belong and can make a difference in service. Most of all: to have fun doing it! We get to play and allow our curiosity to lead the way to great discoveries within yourself. **Class will not run the week of May 20th, 2019**

Mon   May 6 – Jun 3 6:30 – 9 pm 4 classes $125.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 129 Barbara Kawa PR-5004



Have you ever wondered how pendulums work? What they can and can’t do? How they can benefit you? You have come to the right course. We will explore all the things pendulums can and can’t do, how they work, how to get the best out of your pendulum, what questions you can ask and how to phrase the questions to get the best answer. We will also do some fun things to test how the pendulum works so you can use them at home effectively to make simple choices easier. Each participant receives a pendulum to take home.

Thu   Feb 21 7 – 9 pm 1 class $45.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 129 Barbara Kawa PR-5006


Mon   Apr 1 7 – 9 pm 1 class $45.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 129 Barbara Kawa PR-5008



Are you curious about the more “mystical” aspects of life but don’t know where to begin? Back by popular demand is a new sampler of intriguing and mysterious subjects from a variety of ancient spiritual traditions. Your guide for this 7 week journey is visionary artist and facilitator CJ Shelton. Whether you are a new seeker or enjoyed CJ’s first course “Into the Mystical”, this voyage will indulge your curiosity while you discover neat things about yourself and other mysteries of our multi-dimensional world.

Some of the fascinating subjects we will be exploring include Feng Shui, numerology, palm reading and several other types of divination systems. See below for more details and remember … this will also be an ever-increasing journey of self-growth so be sure to attend every session!

Session 1 – The Earths’ Invisible Energy Systems Ley lines, Feng Shui and dowsing

Session 2 – Our Individual Energy Systems  Palm reading and handwriting analysis

Session 3 – What’s Your Number?  Numerology and the hidden significance of numbers

Session 4 – What’s Your Type?  The Enneagram, an ancient system of personality typing

Session 5 – Circles & Trees of Life  Aboriginal wisdom, the Kabbalah, Buddhism and Celtic Spirituality

Session 6 – Divination  Practices for enhancing intuition – scrying, tea leaf reading and psychometry

Session 7 – Otherworldly Connections & Mysteries  Soul evolution, reincarnation, angels and guides

Tue   Mar 26 – May 7 7 – 9 pm 7 class $140.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 805 CJ Shelton PR-4968



Learn how spirits communicate with you! In this fascinating 3 hour talk and workshop, spend time with the acclaimed Medium and published Author Mary-Anne Kennedy, and learn about spirit. We can continue our relationships with loved ones long after their passing, and they want you to know that. Discuss how our loved ones in the spirit world try to reach us – how they try to let us know they’re still present in our lives. Whether you are a Medium or not, spirits communicate with you. The first step in understanding how this happens is learning to recognize all of the ways it’s possible. Explore what proof spirits give us in our daily lives, from synchronicities, to dreams, to lights flickering. So many of us here in the physical world miss the signs from our loved ones simply because we don’t know how to recognize them. We will also look at some of the most common and interesting questions about the other side. We will look at the following questions:  What happens when we die? What happens to our pets when they die? Will our loved ones still be in heaven when we get there, or will they have reincarnated already? When we dream of a loved one, is it a visitation? How can we open the doors to receive signs from spirit loved ones? Can loved ones see what’s happening in our lives right now? Will Spirit ever say bad things that we don’t want to know? What is a soul group? This will be an interactive class with exercises, questions, dialogue, and guidance on how to welcome and recognize spirit communication in your everyday life!

Thu   Mar 28 6 – 9 pm 1 class $45.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 224 Mary-Anne Kennedy PR-5059



Spend 3 hours with acclaimed Medium, Author, and Spiritual Educator Mary-Anne Kennedy. In this experiential workshop, you will be introduced to ways of connecting with your higher self, angels, guides, and loved ones in Spirit. In this introductory class, you will learn techniques for developing your intuitive abilities and how to use them as a guide in all aspects of your life.

Thu   May 2 6 – 9 pm 1 class $45.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 224 Mary-Anne Kennedy PR-5068