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Have you ever wanted to explore the more mystical aspects of life but didn’t know where to begin? This sampler of intriguing practices from a variety of cultural and spiritual traditions will help you learn more about yourself, and provide a great introduction. Indulge your curiosity and take this fascinating experiential journey with Artist & Shamanic Practitioner CJ Shelton of the Alton Mill Arts Centre and                 

Session 1 – Invisible Energy Systems – an introduction to our body’s chakra system, auras and natural healing abilities

Session 2 – The Art of Meditation – experience a gentle introduction to meditation followed by a form of expressive art called mandala making

Session 3 – Our Heroic Journeys –Tarot cards and oracles aren’t just fortune telling but fascinating symbol systems that help us visualize and tell our personal stories

Session 4 – What’s Your Type? – how the ancient theory of the Four Elements can help you learn more about your personality and relationships with others

Session 5 – Teaching Wheels – an introduction to the Wheel of Life which is used in many traditions as a tool for connection, communication and problem solving

Session 6 – Into the Dream Realm – decoding the language of our soul through dream symbolism, omens, and intuition

Session 7 – Divine Connections – guides, gurus and angelic presences … do you believe?


Tue   Oct 1-Nov 1 7 – 9 pm 7 classes $140.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 809 CJ Shelton PR-5521



Learn how spirits communicate with you! In this fascinating 3 hour talk and workshop, spend time with the acclaimed Medium and published Author Mary-Anne Kennedy, and learn about spirit. We can continue our relationships with loved ones long after their passing, and they want you to know that. Discuss how our loved ones in the spirit world try to reach us – how they try to let us know they’re still present in our lives. Whether you are a Medium or not, spirits communicate with you. The first step in understanding how this happens is learning to recognize all of the ways it’s possible. Explore what proof spirits give us in our daily lives, from synchronicities to dreams, to lights flickering. So many of us here in the physical world miss the signs from our loved ones simply because we don’t know how to recognize them. We will also look at some of the most common and interesting questions about the other side. We will look at the following questions:  What happens when we die? What happens to our pets when they die? Will our loved ones still be in heaven when we get there, or will they have reincarnated already? When we dream of a loved one, is it a visitation? How can we open the doors to receive signs from spirit loved ones? Can loved ones see what’s happening in our lives right now? Will Spirit ever say bad things that we don’t want to know? What is a soul group? This will be an interactive class with exercises, questions, dialogue, and guidance on how to welcome and recognize spirit communication in your everyday life!

Wed Oct 30 6 – 9 pm 1 class $45.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 224 Mary-Anne Kennedy PR-5520