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The workshop is designed for parents and educators to learn practical ways to redirect their teens and adults, above and beyond the techniques of ABA, IBI, and current educational Curriculum.

1) Parents and Educators will learn how to find their autistic teens passion

2) Assist teens and adults to manage their emotions using their passion

3) Learn to reflect on how their personal behaviour and emotions affect their teen or adult

4) Ability to increase autistic teens and adults independence skills

5) Creating consistent schedules for routine development

Wed   Apr 17 6 – 8 pm 1 class $25.00 +HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 128 Penny Batey PR-4998



This beginner guitar course with teach you all the basics from strings to chords to songs.  If you have a guitar sitting in the house getting dusty, it is time to learn to put it to good use.  By the end of this course, you will have everything you need to call yourself a guitarist.

Tue   Apr 2 – May 21 7:30 – 8:30 pm 8 classes $45.00
Orangeville DSS Rm 608 PR-5106



Creative writing is another way to develop your creativity. It is an enjoyable opportunity to play around with words and ideas. Story writing is an activity that helps in the development of the imagination while at the same time allowing for the production of stories and poems.   In this course, we will explore techniques to help get thoughts and ideas on paper. There will be plenty of time for class writing. This hands on approach will stimulate our creative muscles while strengthening our unique writing skills.  Throughout the course, we will examine ways to engage all the senses in order to add depth and texture to our writing. We will discuss ways to use personal life experiences in order to boost storylines. We will focus on developing character and setting in an effort to produce colorful, creative and effective stories. So if you want to build up the creative muscle, join us for some fun.

Thu   Apr 11 – May 9 7 – 9 pm 5 classes $60.00 + HST
Orangeville DSS Rm 121 Linda Kent PR-4986



Do you have an equine business, product idea or small horse farm?  Have an interest in hosting your own equine event, and wonder where to start?  Have you ever wondered what it might take to turn your passion into a business?

Join Equine Erin owner, Bridget Ryan during this series as she presents an overview of equine marketing, workshops and educational programs.  The course will be supported with useful references, tools, guest speakers, and real life examples. Participants will take away learning and resources to help them better manage their horse farm, horse-related business or horse dream/idea.  Topics include

Class 1:  Defining your equine business idea, goals and objectives

Class 2: Equine marketing, branding, promotional tools & resources

Class 3:  Equine Events – Partnerships, sponsorships, & committees

Class 4:  Equine Education – the future of our horse community, resources, industry memberships, trade shows, youth and breed education and clinics

Tue   Feb 5 – 26 7 – 9 pm 4 classes $175.00 + HST
Erin DHS Rm 254 Bridget Ryan PR-4967