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This course is designed for those who have never played a ukulele (or perhaps any stringed instrument) and would love to learn how to hold, tune, and play the ukulele. Basic theory, such as rhythmic values (whole, half, quarter, eighth notes) and time signatures will be introduced. We will be using the James Hill Ukulele Book One and you will learn how to read notes. Please bring your own ukulele, tuner, and $20.00 for the course book (payable to the instructor on the first night).

Wed          Oct 2-Nov 20 8-9 pm 8 classes   $150.00 + HST
Centennial CVI – Rm B118 Gayle Gibson PR-5214


In this course we explore the thrilling art of opera, which combines the emotional power of music with text, drama, and design. Complete beginners, passionate fans, and repeat students are all welcome. We’ll cover the basics as well as explore new topics each session. Audio examples and handouts about attending opera in our region will be included.

Tue           Oct 15-Nov 5 7-9 pm 4 classes   $65.00 + HST
Centennial CVI – Rm C122 Marsha Groves PR-5267