A Note to Parents And Guardians

Posted September 23, 2016

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We wanted to provide you with some information regarding a situation that took place in our school community this past weekend. We are just learning the details of the situation now. According to a police report on the Orangeville Police Service website, this past Sunday a white cargo van approached a young boy on Elm Avenue. A male driver spoke with the boy, who quickly returned to his home and informed his parent of the situation. The child’s parent called the police who responded to the request. The police are continuing to investigate the situation.

The safety of our children is of prime concern to us and we commend our community members for doing the right thing by seeking safety and calling police. All suspicious incidents should be reported to police immediately as they consider children’s safety a number one priority, too.This also gives us the opportunity to reinforce the “stranger danger” concepts with our students, and we ask you to do the same at home. Running away, telling a trusted adult, and calling police as soon as possible, is the right thing to do.


Ms. Lagundzija-deFreitas


Mrs. Papavasiliou

Vice Principal

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