Toonie Tuesday- November 8th at CMES

Posted November 2, 2016

On November 8th, Credit Meadows School will be participating in Toonie Tuesday to raise money for the “Free to Achieve” Fund.

This fund is focused on providing underprivileged students with learning experiences outside of the classroom. For example, this priority may provide students with:

-opportunities to develop artistic and technological skills

-basic necessities such as clothes and food,swimming lessons, eye glasses,

-experiences at camp

-involvement in sports

A gift to this fund will give students opportunities which they would not ordinarily have. These experiences will allow students to make connections to their in-school learning, enhance their desire to learn and help them reach their potential. With your help, we can ensure that each child is successful.We are encouraging students to bring a Toonie to school on November 8th to support this cause!

Thanks in advance.

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