Child Safety in CMES Parking Lot

Posted December 2, 2016

The safety of our CMES students is important to us all. We are asking for your help in keeping our children safe in our school parking lot and need everyone’s cooperation to do so.

Tonight, we almost had a child hit by car because a car and truck were both blocking the sidewalk. We are very fortunate that the child was not hit. We asking all parents and guardians to not block the sidewalks at the entrance to the CMES parking lot.

As a school, we have staff on duty, have issued reminders in our newsletters and by emails about the Kiss and Ride program including where else people can park, ordered additional signage for our parking lot, and issued windshield reminders to parents who violate the park and ride rules. Tonight, the Orangeville Police were contacted and we asked for their assistance to monitor the parking lot.

The safety of students is our number one priority. Thank you for your support in this matter.

Mrs. Lagundzija-deFreitas (P) & Mrs. Papavasiliou (VP)

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