School Council Minutes: January 2017

Posted February 7, 2017

School Council Minutes: January 2017

The meeting of the Credit Meadows School Council was called to order by Laura Fry at 7:02 pm on January 16, 2017 in the Staff Lounge at Credit Meadows Elementary School.

Executive: Virginia Dow, Laura Fry

Executive not present: Kelly McKee

Voting Members: Lorrie Wren, Kim Beck, Patricia Tolton, Jan Pettigrew, Robbie Price

Voting Members not present: Nancy Turner

Non-Voting Members: Anita Lagundzija-deFreitas, Andrea Papavasiliou, Barb O’Meara

  1. Welcome by Laura Fry
  2. December 2016 Minutes, approved by all who attended.
  3. Principal’s Report:
    1. It has been a nice, smooth transition coming back from the holiday break.
    2. There have been a few recent changes with the teachers in the school
      1. Justin Hamilton has moved from JK to teaching grade 5/6
      2. Rebecca Ste-Croix has moved from planning into the JK position
  • Alison Pace has moved into the planning position
  1. Currently there are no more moves expected until the end of the year
  1. The process when someone retires from the school is that the school will first survey the staff to see if there is any interest in the position. However, if it is a full time position only a person holding a full time position can apply. If no one within the school is interested then it will get posted by the board for internal candidates followed by going external.
  2. Track Refurbish and School upgrades: CMES will have some extensive renovations during Summer 2017. Due to this, the board has deferred the track refurbish until the renovations are finished. This is due to Ministry of Labour rules to how many supervisors can be on site. Anita hopes to have more information to share next meeting about the upgrades.
  3. SIPSA: One of the projects that is been worked on is the School Improvement Plan for Student Achievement. This is a plan to implement smart goals and how to target them.
    1. Based on data collected the plan will be to address student needs
    2. To work on student goals in areas such as: Growth Mindset, Literacy, Numeracy, Technology
  • The plan and strategies will be posted in the school on some of the boards
  1. It will be a living document that will evolve as students’ needs evolve
  2. The plan will be showed to the superintendent Denise Heaslip during her visit within the next week
  1. Food Days:
    1. The next food day selection has been distributed to the students and Andrea has also sent it via email
    2. We made approx. $2700 profit in the last batch of food days
    3. Darlene has paid the invoices for December / January
    4. Jan still needs volunteers to help with some of the days; she is going to inquire if any of the grade eights can help out.
      1. She has found a Dad that is willing to help out with the upcoming Smoothie Tuesdays.
      2. They have changed the pasta selection to Lasagna and Mac & Cheese as this takes less people to distribute.
    5. Milk tokens will no longer be sold at the office, but will now be purchased online and distributed each month. However, we will keep a few in the office as back up.
    6. It was discussed that if the Grade Eights help out with the distribution should they take a 20%-25% profit to go towards their trip? However it was decided to not go this route as we are going to be paying for the food for their trip and this gives them a chance to practice their leadership skills.
  2. Treasurer’s report:
    1. Virginia is going to contact Darlene to discuss how the money is flowing with the cash online.
    2. Tabled until next meeting.
  3. Track Refurbish: See notes under Principals report.
  4. Spirit Wear:
    1. We need to do an inventory of what we have left and then look at placing a re-order – Laura to discuss with Kelly
    2. Look at different vendors and get quotes. Laura has a contact she will get some info from.
    3. Look at setting up to sell using Cash Online.
    4. Is there an option that we could sell the first t-shirt ordered to the students for $5.00 and then council will cover the rest of the cost?
    5. Will continue further discussion at the next meeting.
  5. Dance-A-Thon:
    1. Nancy will not be running the Dance-A-Thon this year and we need new people to organize this event. Laura will help but is looking for additional volunteers.
    2. Andrea and Anita are going to discuss with the teachers the proposed date of Wednesday March 8th and inquire if they can help out with the music.
    3. It was decided that we need to streamline the process of giving the tickets earned to the students.
    4. Can we use cash online for this event?
    5. To discuss further at the next meeting.
  6. Parking Lot Issues:
    1. Teacher Appreciation Lunch: Robbi brought up the Teachers Appreciation Lunch, we all think this is a good idea and are looking at holding it on May 9th which is National Teacher Appreciation Day.
    2. Will there be a Science and Technology day? This is usually held in an evening in May. Was a PRO Grant (Parents Reaching Out) applied for? We can apply for up to $1000.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Next meeting to be held Monday February 6th 2017

Notes by Laura Fry

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