Cold Weather and Seasonal Safety

Posted January 13, 2019

Winter can be a wonderful time to play.  Many children enjoy the crisp air, the freshly fallen snow and participating in a whole host of exciting winter sports and activities.  Although we feel it is important for students to spend some time outside each day exercising and socializing with their peers, there are times when bitterly cold temperatures and other inclement weather conditions require that we keep children inside.

The decision whether or not to hold recess outdoors is made by the individual school principal.  When making this decision, the principal will check the temperature outside, along with the wind chill factor, as well as, consulting with neighbouring schools.  If the decision to send children outside is made, we will equip yard duty staff with walkie-talkies so that they can communicate with the office to sound the bells to bring students in earlier if needed.

The health and well-being of our students is our top priority at Credit Meadows Elementary School and if it is determined that the weather conditions pose a risk to their safety, students will be kept indoors.  Extreme weather alerts are often good indicators that students will stay inside.

Even when temperatures are not low enough to necessitate an indoor recess, it still may be quite cold outside.  Here are a few tips to help ensure that your child stays warm during the cold winter months:

*Send children to school with plenty of layers, such as long underwear, snow pants, sweatshirts, sweaters, and pullovers.  Layering their clothing will allow them to add or remove items depending on the weather.

*Students should have a warm winter coat that repels the snow, sleet and rain while blocking the wind.

*Warm socks and boots are a must to keep their feet warm and dry in the snow.

*Hats are one of the most important parts of dressing warmly in the winter. A thick winter hat will keep students from losing too much of that essential body heat.

*Put on a good pair of gloves or mittens that are water resistant as well. Gloves will keep kids’ hands toasty warm and protect their skin from becoming damaged by the wind and chill.

Children are reminded when walking home to be careful by trying to be visible if traffic is nearby, to stay away from snow banks close to driveways, roadways, banks around ponds, lakes, streams and rivers during any thaw.

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