CMES Parking Lot Important Reminders:

Posted January 15, 2019

Similar to many other schools, our Credit Meadows’ parking lots can become congested during drop-off and pick-up times.  This can be a safety concern for our students, as well as a concern for staff and school buses that need to access parking and bus lanes.

In order to improve this situation and encourage healthy active living for our students, we would like to suggest that parents support their children in walking to and from school each day; or at the very least, consider parking on a side street or other nearby parking lots that would still allow for a short walk to the school.  By doing this our students will benefit from the physical activity, and our parking lots will be less congested.

CMES Student Safety – Please remember the following:

*Drivers MUST STAY IN CARS AT ALL TIMES and pull into a space at the curb when a spot is available.

*Drivers do not leave your car, students can meet you.

*If you plan to stay/visit at the school, please park in the lower parking lot.

*Students must exit cars (am) or enter cars (pm) on the passenger/sidewalk side.

*Drivers must pull out as soon as students exit cars (am) or enter cars (pm).

*Students should NEVER be dropped off in the middle of the driveway lanes.

During extreme/inclement weather, please be patient as the safety of our children is our highest priority.

Thank you!

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