Posted February 3, 2019

Hello to our CMES School Community.  We have reached the halfway mark in our 2018/2019 school year.

Term one report cards will be sent home on Thursday, February 20, 2019.  The academic and social growth in our students is wonderful to witness!

The information in the report card will highlight how well your child has done in reaching the expected level of achievement in academic areas in Term 1, as well as, learning skills and work habits.  The comments should reflect how your child is achieving by speaking to their strengths, areas of need, and steps to improve.

Take some time for you and your child to review the report card together, celebrating successes and discussing next steps for improvement.  Please communicate any feedback questions or concerns you might have with your child’s teacher.

At CMES, one of our academic goals/focus has been on developing math problem-solving strategies and skills with our students.  Our CMES teaching staff, throughout the year, has been taking part in professional development opportunities in the area of math, literacy, Indigenous Education, and technology.  We have been teaching our students problem-solving strategies, working on improving student engagement, and developing test-taking skills.

February is shaping up to be a busy month with many activities happening such as: badminton, speeches, cross country skiing, art activities, Maker Space, Environmental Club, Scientist In Schools, Black History Month activities, Pink Shirt Day activities (Anti-Bullying), Character Education initiatives, National Sweater Day, and Winter Walk to School Day.  Thank you to our CMES team for your time and commitment in offering our students many opportunities to get involved in school with extracurricular activities.

As always, please check the Upper Grand District School Board website and our Credit Meadows Elementary School website for the latest information and news happening in our Board and school.

Our CMES team appreciates the partnership between home and school.  Wishing you all a Happy Family Day on Monday, February 18, 2019.


Ms. Lagundzija-deFreitas (P) & Ms. Federico (VP)

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