Welcome Back

Posted September 3, 2021

Dear CMES parents and guardians;

The Credit Meadows Elementary School Staff are excited to welcome back our students, after what we hope was a relaxing summer holiday.

Please take a moment to read through the details below, which should help to answer some of your questions regarding our September startup.

Please use this link to visit our UGDSB parent information website for COVID updates and return to school details:

COVID Protocols:

Masks are to be worn in the classroom and hallways of the school. Masks can be removed during outdoor/recess times. Social distancing is encouraged at all times. Hand hygiene stations will be available at each entrance and in each classroom.

Families must do self screening each day prior to coming to school. Please use this screening tool each morning:

Our small Primary Playground structure outside can used. Our older playground structures will need to be repaired prior to use and will be closed until further notice


Our school is mechanically ventilated, but we also have portable Hepa air filters placed in each classroom.

Access to school:

Only essential visitors are permitted in the school until further notice. It is our hope that this restriction will not be in place for long. For now, that means parents will not be allowed in the building or on our playground.

Classroom Assignments and Organizations:

Each year, we begin with the staffing that was allocated in June. As in past years, our actual numbers are reviewed following the first days of school. This means students may begin their first day in one class, yet find themselves being reassigned to another class at the end of the first week. With a significant shift in numbers at our school since June, I do anticipate that we will have some sort of reorganization. We encourage families to have conversations with their children around being flexible, as many of our students may experience a change in their class assignment. Our assignments are all tentative and even in the last few days we have seen staff members change.

What to Expect on The First Day:

We will have students go directly to the back of the school with Kindergarten students meeting at the front of the school. Grade 1 – 8 teachers will be standing on the tarmac holding signs with their grade and name. We will have numerous support staff assisting students that do not where to go or know who their teacher is. The Kindergarten team will be spread out across the front of the school. Ms. Ste. Croix (Ms. Anthony) will be to the left of the front entrance, Ms. Crowe (Fletcher) (Ms. Cairns) will be in the fenced Kindie area at the front of the school along with Ms. Billing (Ms. Neuhaus) and Ms. Asher (Ms. Young).  Once teachers have their full class, they will make their way into their classroom. A reminder that our school day begins at 8:30am and dismissal is at 2:50pm.

 School Activities:

COVID restrictions have been reduced since last Spring. This will allow us to offer more activities for our students outside of their daily academics. We encourage all students to participate in the extracurricular activities offered at CMES.


At any time, if you have questions or concerns about what is happening at school, please reach out to your child’s teacher or the main office. It is far better to communicate early rather than grow frustrated. Often, a quick phone call or email can help to clarify situations as they arise. Please make sure you continue to refer to our website often, and update your email address with the front office if it has changed.

Leaving School Property During Nutrition Breaks:

In the past, some parents gave our intermediate students permission to go off property during nutrition breaks. This was not permitted last year unless the students went to their own homes and only with members of their immediate families. There will be a process for allowing your child to leave school property this year, however, parents will be responsible for any behaviours/problems/issues that take place off school grounds. We strongly recommend that students remain under the supervision of staff during our nutrition breaks unless they have proven themselves to be mature enough and responsible for managing themselves in unsupervised situations.

What’s New? What Stays the Same?

Below is a quick overview of measures that remain the same (most) and measures that are new this school year.

Measures that will continue:

● Schools will employ multiple protective strategies to support healthier and safer environments for students and staff.
● Masking requirements will continue to apply to all grades (JK-12+)

● All staff and students must screen for COVID-19 daily before leaving for school.

● Schools will continue to follow school arrival and departure procedures that support physical distancing where possible.
● To start the school year, only essential visitors will be permitted in UGDSB schools.

●Protocols around proper hand hygiene will remain in place.
● Schools will continue to promote as much physical distancing between students, between students and staff, and between staff members.

● Enhanced cleaning, which includes twice daily cleaning and disinfecting of high touch surfaces, will continue.
● The management of COVID-19 cases in schools will continue to be done by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, and the board will continue to follow the direction and guidance of WDGPH.

New this year:

● Masks are not required to be worn outdoors unless social distancing is not possible

●Different classes will be able to use shared spaces this year, such as technology labs and learning commons following restrictions around scheduling use and distancing.
● Many activities will be permitted to run this year, as long as health and safety requirements can be maintained, such as clubs and extra-curricular activities. Schools will communicate with families directly on available activities.

A friendly reminder to parents and caregivers that you are not permitted in the fenced in school yard/grounds/play areas. Please continue to say your farewells outside the fenced area and do not congregate around the entry/exit gates so that social distancing measures can happen smoothly and safely. Thank you for your cooperation. School staff, with orange safety vests, continue to be available to assist our students in the mornings and at the end of the day. On very wet and/or cold inclement weather mornings, students will enter the school after 8:15 using the same doors that their class regularly enters.


A reminder to all our families, as mentioned in previous emails that the front parking lot in front of the school is closed and is a walking area only. The lower parking lot is currently open but has limited parking as we have a large staff at CMES & UGDSB Staff, as well as the YMCA Daycare Staff. If you use must use this lower lot please move into and around the lot slowly, abiding by the stop sign at the cross walk and always watching for pedestrians.


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