Homework Policy

The role of homework is often confused and means many different things to students, parents and staff. Although perhaps there is no consensus on the issue due to many factors, we as a staff have met and revised the “Homework Guidelines” to best fit our practices and expectations here at Credit Meadows. We believe that the main purpose of homework is to reinforce and provide extra practice for concepts taught in class in order to help students consolidate their learning.

We acknowledge and support that students often have busy lives with many outside interests and activities. Homework is meant to support, not burden, learning. However, we do hope that parents can support their children with homework by providing a structured timeframe, a quiet setting, and some materials that will assist students in completing assigned tasks. The expectation of parental involvement in homework activities will vary depending on the age of the child. Younger children may need more direct support from parents, while older children should be working independently on homework activities.

There are times when homework cannot be completed. Any concerns or circumstances regarding homework completion should be communicated with the specific teacher. As well, there are times, when due to the individual needs of students, homework is modified or expectations adjusted. The teacher will speak to parents in this regard.

Some examples of homework include, but are not limited to:

  • Home Reading
  • Practice of basic skills in math\or reading
  • Completing unfinished classwork
  • Studying for tests

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