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Note from the Principal

Since my arrival at Centre Wellington D.H.S. almost three years ago, I have been able to observe and be a part of an amazing school community.  I am very honoured to be the principal and am very proud of the dedication of the staff and students at the school.

The staff and students at the school are extremely welcoming and demonstrate their commitment to the school by creating a positive climate.  I have had the opportunity to observe the strong educational program and the vast number of activities that occur outside class time. The sense of community and dedication of the people in the building is evident as I walk through the school each day. I would like to thank the staff and students for all of their hard work throughout the year to make the school a great place for academics and extracurricular activities.

The three core values of Centre Wellington are Learning, Respect, and Community.   The commitment by staff and students to be lifelong learners is apparent when I visit classrooms.

I also see all the learning that takes place outside of class through extra-curricular activities and clubs.  Students are respectful and kind.  I am proud when I see the amazing things our students are capable of, from fundraising for various causes, to organizing large events.  The sense of community is very evident at Centre Wellington D.H.S. and continues to have strong partnerships with the outside community.

I am very proud to be principal at Centre Wellington D.H.S.  Go Falcons!

Chad Warren


Centre Wellington D.H.S.

(519) 843-2500