Happy World Teacher Day!!

Posted October 5, 2022

Today we would like to take an extra-special moment to recognize our education workers on World Teacher Day!!

Here are a few quotes from students on what they appreciate about the adults who help them throughout the day at Drayton Heights Public School:

Mrs. Parker is the best teacher, she is amazing. She even puts in the corn song for us!

Mrs. Douglas is nice. She teaches us stuff!

Mrs. Taylor is the best, she is really nice and let’s us have lunch for two recesses.

Mrs. Walls is nice and teaches us really well, we are a classroom family.

Mrs. Schneiders and Mrs. Lawrence open stuff for us, they plan fun stuff.

Mrs. Cochrane is funny and silly and lets us have play time.

Mrs. Ditner teaches us to do math and she helps us.

Mrs. Van den Borre – there is a lot to say about her , she is very smart, she is very passionate and she is great at her job.

Mrs. Andrews is a great listener, she helps with children’s needs and she is very flexible with students.

Mrs. McCracken is the best teacher ever, she is super nice!

Mr. Lobb is the best teacher in the entire world because he helps us, he doesn’t rush us and he is really fun!

Mrs. Noble is responsible, nice, and fun, really fun!

Mr. Martin is a nice guy, we like him.

Mrs. Ohm is a great teacher because she is awesome at helping us, she is kind, she is fun, she does a good job of explaining things and gives us outside gym.

Mr. Brunet is fun and funny ( he has a good sense of humour), he makes good connections with students.

Ms. Cramer keeps us on track with rules and routines.

Mrs. Turvey is really kind and is always smiling, she is like sunshine.

Mme Clemmer is a good music teacher because she knows how to play a lot of instruments, she knows French very well and can switch between languages- she loves speaking French!

Mrs. Bodendistle is kind, fun, helpful and smart.

Mme Bailey is really good at French – I like that she wants to make sure we all know French, but doesn’t pick on people who don’t know the answers.

Mrs. Mackenzie is a pretty nice teacher, she lets us have fun, but also teaches us stuff!

We love when Ms. Self takes us to the gym.

Mrs. Barfoot is kind and she helps people.

Mrs. Reynolds is a good drawer, she is kind, she is good at art.

Mrs. Lenselink and Mrs Dobie-Elliot teach us stuff.

Ms. Wall is nice, she is helpful too.

Happy World Teacher Day!

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