Arrivals & Departures

When your child is absent or is going to be absent please call 855–4484 or leave a message on the school general voice mail box. (Please leave your Teacher’s name, child’s name, and reason and length of absence). If it is long distance for you to call the school, e.g. Belwood, Fergus, Grand Valley please call 1–800–552–5045.

If your child is late for school, please notify the school. Upon arrival all students must report to the office with an adult so that he/she may be “signed in”.

If your child must leave school at any time during the day, an adult must report to the office to sign the child “OUT” of school.

Parents are always welcome, however, please respect the teacher’s job to teach and the student’s job to learn. For many students it takes very little to disrupt a learning opportunity. All visitors/volunteers are requested to report to the school office upon arrival. Please use the office counter binder to sign yourself “IN” and “OUT” of the school. Please take a visitor’s badge upon arrival and return it when you leave. All visitors are asked to wait for students at the main office or in the foyer. For the safety of our students, please DO NOT proceed to classrooms to pick up a child.