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Transcript Requests for Past Students

Please read the entire document for instructions.

Here are the steps:   (For easy reference, the shortcut to the board’s webpage is here –

The Request for Ontario Student Transcript and Other Student Records form is also attached here –

Fill out the form and send off to the school the application and payment, with a copy of photo identification required and where to send or reply with information.  This can be emailed back to

In our school board, the schools process transcript requests at a cost of $5 for each transcript.  Your transcript will not be sent out until payment has been received. Payment methods are cash, cheque, money order, or through School Cash Online. The link for this is . When setting up your account, do not input a student number and be sure to choose Erin DHS as the school.

If you opt to pay online, please advise when this has been done so that we may verify the payment.

Transcript are mailed out as soon as the payment has been received and a verification email is sent as well to advise you that it has been sent. We can send the transcripts to where ever you need it sent to.

If we are sending it to a college or university on your behalf, please be sure to include your student ID number on the form in the appropriate section.

As a school, we complete all this electronically for you as a convenience, but be aware that there is always a risk when doing things online. We do not recommend transferring information over the internet.  This to protect your privacy.  If you proceeded this way, it would be your decision to provide and accept personal information with the risk.  Please contact us to let us know your plans and your follow up of payment.