Posted November 25, 2020

November 24, 2020


Attendance: Paul Tribe, Chris Williston, Zoe Bethzi, Jaquenline Nyman, Dianna Josiak, Rob and Cheryl Fletcher, Heather Weingartner, Marya Morrison, Jeff Murray, Amy Price, Stephanie Moddison, 


Principals Report: 

*Bus Patrols are happening in a modified way, Grade 6 are training with Miss Lenselink. They are starting to do attendance. 

*Remembrance Day was done outside in a socially distanced way. Students were able to see each class’s presentation of remembrance. 

*Chromebook fundraiser was done successfully. 

*Welcome back to Mrs. McKnight, she had been off ill. She started back part time 3 weeks ago and is back full time as of Monday. 

*Grade 6 is working on future spirit days to build morale within the school. 

*First snow day was a success, students did a structure challenge and posted pictures of them in the front foyer of the school on the monitor. 

*We are discussing the idea of a modified food/clothing drive to meet community needs, and meet covid requirements. 


Teachers report: Big thank you from staff for chromebooks, Most may not work past December. Kindergarten is asking for big pails to make sculptures, they are also looking for used tools to use to scoop and shovel in the snow. No other requests from teachers. Teachers were happy to have the outdoor assembly for remembrance day. And enjoyed seeing each other perform. Free Pails can also be acquired by asking the bakery at Zehrs.   


New business: a little over $3000 raised for the chromebooks, an anonymous $1000 donation came in. We can purchase the equivalent of the money that was raised ( approx. 8-9). Teachers used the ipads to document learning and communicate with teachers. 2-3 ipads are now in kindergarten to use as a learning centre for green light. The ipads will be stale dated soon. 


*Proposal for food and clothing: A box or two in every class. Each class could decorate boxes to decorate like a present, ask students to bring in a donation of food, clothing or toy, they can then put them into the box. When it is full, it can be taken to the foyer. It will sit for 72 hours. The food bank in East Wellington Community Services in Rockwood is also an option for donating food. We are in agreement that the local Food bank will be contacted by Paul to see what specific needs they have for food. Paul will be in contact with HOPE HOUSE for clothing and gifts to see what their needs will be and students will be notified of the requests. 


Engraving: EPSAC is being asked to donate $150.47. For engraving of unsponsored graduation plaques. EPSAC agrees to move funds from the fundraising category to pay for the engraving. 


Spirit days and assemblies: Grade 6 are excited about planning spirit days. The intent is to raise morale and for children to have fun and enjoy eachothers company. It is requested that we have sufficient notice for spirit days so we can be prepared. 


A new COURAGE & KINDNESS award: 2 women who graduated from ERAMOSA PS called to ask if they could sponsor an award. It is in memory of their mom and they offered do remote meetings to talk about their respective careers. The recipient of the award will receive a gift card, a keeper plaque and an award that stays with the school. It is for students who stand up, are not bystanders, and are actively involved in school showing courage and kindness. It is a graduation award to a grade 6 student. 


Spirit Wear: We are waiting to hear from Mr. Tribe on the options after the Principals Meeting.  


Poinsettias: Mr. Tribe will find out at the principals meeting tomorrow at 4:00 if we would be able to purchase and sort poinsettias in the gym and deliver them. If it is a go I will pole facebook and see if they would be missed. It is a tight turn around, and considering we just asked for chromebook money we have decided to leave fundraising options for now. 


New Procedures for Inclement Weather and Bus Cancellation days: We have 2 teachers coming from a distance and we need to have an emergency plan in place for those teachers to have coverage if they cannot make it to work. It has to be a Board Employee. Students cannot be combined with other students from a different cohort as they were in the past on an inclement weather day. 


School Spirit and Morale: Class challenges cohort vs. cohort to work towards a common goal. “Friendly competition” 

Christmas Tree Decorating. 

Christmas Door Decorating challenge.

Retirement communities: make a card that could be delivered to them. Let them sit for 72 hours, Jaqueline will contact a retirement home and ask them for names to use on the cards. 

Crazy Hair day and PJ day 

Jersey Day 


Treasurer’s report: No changes in October finances. Mr. Tribe sent financials from chromebook fundraiser.


Donations were as follows:


School Cash Online – $776.33

UGLF via Credit Card – $110.69

UGLF via cheque using PDF form – $2175


Total – $3062.02


Chris Adjourned the meeting at 8:15 


Next Meeting is January 19, 2021 

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