Posted March 22, 2021

March 9, 2021


Attendance: Members Present

Christa Ormiston, Paul Tribe, Chris Williston, Heidi Muller, Jenny Broadfoot, Jacqueline Nyman, Heather Pollock, Stephanie Moddison,


Treasurers Report:


Heather confirmed we have $16309.00 in our bank account.  $11,000 of which is playground money. The chromebook money raised by EPSAC has not been transferred from the account. $1250.00 was donated for Chromebooks and we have moved to move $1250 from SC-fundraising to the Eramosa computer budget. This transfer will take place when required.

To still be earmarked is: teacher expenses, snack program, plaques and engraving for awards. Snack program does not require money currently. Simone has asked us to vote on donating money towards agendas for next year at our next meeting.


Fundraising: Scientist in the classroom has been funded for Eramosa this year. The scientist in the classroom co-ordinator in Rockwood arranged for the funding.


There have been no real changes as far as options for fundraising in terms of COVID protocols.


Photos: An option was put forward to have students photos taken, Christa volunteered to look into pricing and take photos. Families would purchase a mini session for photos perhaps on a Saturday and siblings can be done together. Christa will bring this information to the next meeting.


Grade 6 graduation: Options for Grade 6 Grad, potentially outside with social distancing, Mrs. Shaw used to organize but Mrs. Lenselink and Mrs. Nyman are working to put together something to celebrate. Perhaps in the outdoor classroom/stage area, families with picnic baskets. This is to be determined. Possibility of sweatshirts is being considered.


Principals Report:

  • February Staffing has been done and it looks like Eramosa PS continues to grow – projected to be around 142 for next year.
  • COVID protocols appear to be working in this area. Thanks for all of your support.  There have been a few minor changes, but nothing significant.  If you have questions, it is always best to go to https://www.wdgpublichealth.ca/your-health/covid-19-information-schools-parents-and-teachers/schools
  • Grade 6 has taken a leadership role in spirit activities: Shout Out, Green Celebration, etc.
  • 20 new Chromebooks have arrived and are in use. Computers on hand have been distributed between the computer carts; one for Grades 3-6 and one for K to 2.
  • 10 more Chromebooks as the result of the EPSAC fundraiser are still to come.
  • 8 more Chromebooks have been funded by the government. They are on order, but have not yet arrived.
  • 4 iPads have been ordered by the school to augment the ones we have. They will be used by Primary children when they arrive.
  • A Green Screen, tripod, boom microphone for video production have arrived and been installed. A podcasting station is in the process to bolster program.  These were obtained by accessing media funding.
  • Child Abuse Prevention programs will be provided to children from grade 1 to 6 this term. A letter will be coming home informing you.
  • Everyday Hero Awards 2021. Go to ugdsb.ca/heroes for more information.

Teacher Talk:

Teachers, “we are happy with the scientist in the school so far.” Google meet is done in the classroom with all the items being sent prior to, the students are responding really well and have engaged with the experience. Working on an outdoor playday option for students in the spring to socially distance and have some fun. Students are wanting to be outside and looking forward to spring.


New Business:

Mr. Tribe – Maintain school spirit and keep moral up during COVID-19. Coffee Corner: once a week, have a coffee corner where parents can chat and have a coffee or herbal tea or bring your own mug, Friday mornings starting in April. A few chairs will be out for parents to chat and meet up.

Book Fair – Starting next week March 15-21 If you order Wednesday night between 6-8pm then you get free shipping. It will ship to our house. Suggestions to list how much it has raised in the past to let parents know.


Heidi’s co-ordinating kitkat’s for the teachers saying you deserve a break with a note from Parent Council. On friday morning we are going to do a coffee corner for staff appreciation starting at 8. Christa is going to produce a graphic for facebook and Mr. Tribe is going to send out an email.


Next Meeting April 20, 2021


Coffee Corner officially starting on Friday’s on April 23, 2021



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