EPSAC Minutes – May 18, 2021

Posted May 31, 2021

Attendance: Christa Ormiston, Paul Tribe, Chris Williston, Heidi Muller, Jacqueline Nyman, Heather Pollock, Alison Semanyk, Ms. Dufour, Stephanie Moddison, 


Heather treasurer’s report


Heidi has made a motion to vote that EPSAC will pay for engravings for end of year student awards with an approximate value of $250 that are not otherwise covered by a sponsor. Seconded by Chris and all in favour. 


Motion to approve the $500 funding from the UGDSB to be transferred to pay for agendas. Chris has seconded the motion. School budget will absorb the balance of funds for agendas. All in favour. 


Bank account sits at approx $15,300 


$4300 in the account for use by counsel. 


$11,000 for playground fund 


Chris made a Motion to pay for teachers expenses of $50.00 per teacher based on contract .5 will receive $25.00 seconded by Stephanie and all in favour. 


Principals report: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 (Update Tuesday, May 18th @ 4:19PM)

  • Staffing has been done and it looks like Eramosa PS continues to grow – projected to be around 144 for next year.  2 Kindergartens, Gr. 1, Gr. 2, Gr. 2/3, Gr. 4/5 and Gr. 5/6 as of this moment.  It might change, depending upon what remote school enrolment looks like.
  • Lockdown is now until June 2.  We have not heard any updates as of Friday, May 14 at 1:28.
  • We have received Outdoor Education funding.  We have ordered and received identification sheets from the arboretum, along with magnifying glasses, bug collectors, and more.  This will support our developing program at Eramosa.
  • The playground equipment has been inspected.  

o It looks like the swings at the back of the property will need to be moved.  Trees are too close and the landing area is not large enough.  

o The landing area around the front set of swings will need to be enlarged in order for the swings to comply with safety regulations.  Otherwise, it would need to be removed as well.  I have contacted the inspector and the Board about this.

o It looks like we may be able to delay a bit to enlarge the crib.  The Board will be replacing the pea gravel with engineered wood fibre (EWF) either this summer or next.  It is far superior to the stone, does not need to be rototilled.

o The only other requirement is that rototilling will need to be done to ensure the landing areas are soft enough.

o All deficiencies are “C” hazards, or lower level of issue.  We should discuss whether or not to close them down.

  • Heidi Muller kindly set up a Scholastic Book Club for the school to allow any bonuses to go toward supporting school programs.
  • The basketball hoop and backboard will be remounted in the coming week.  It was removed for safety reasons (the backboard was rotten).  It will be replaced with a new mounting bracket, and a metal backboard.
  • Online Report Cards to occur at the end of the year.  Hopefully everyone has updated their contact information.


Teacher talk: Jacqueline Nyman: teacher would rather be in class, with nicer weather it is harder to keep students attention, how can we change the lesson to meet learners needs, visual, auditory learners online has been a focus. Parents are supporting their children and students are learning.  

Christa’s husband has offered to donate 4 computers to families in need.


New business: 

Grade 6 graduation: kids would like to see each other in an assembly, possible drive by graduation where they can drive through and pick up their diploma, table this decision until June 2 and have a committee to help Nicole. Alison has offered, Chris, Christa and Heather Quigley will be on the committee. 


School pictures: Option 1: photographer quote, priority is grade 6 graduation and the school composite. Add $5.00 to picture pricing for an EPSAC fundraiser. Photographer would come in the evenings. Option 2: Allison said Jennifer would go to student homes and do the photographs. Option 3: Life touch will come to the school before June 7 after that they won’t have time. 


Scholastic: Heidi set it up, possibility of a summer reading list from teachers to promote the scholastic orders. Fundraising goes to EPSAC from sales through this link. This will be promoted via facebook and school communications. 

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