Eramosa Parent Council Sept 21, 2021: MINUTES

Posted October 21, 2021



Christa Ormiston

Jacqueline Nyman

Paul Tribe

Kelly Johnson

Ang Murray

Tia Martala

Heather Pollock

Heidi Muller

Jenny Broadfoot



Principal’s report

  • Staffing has been done and our class organization will remain as it is, with no students being moved.
  • We received Outdoor Education funding in the Spring. We have received identification sheets from the arboretum, along with magnifying glasses, bug collectors, and more.  A number of classes are using the kits.
  • The basketball hoop and backboard has been remounted. It was removed for safety reasons (the backboard was rotten).  It was replaced with a new mounting bracket, and a metal backboard.
  • The school beginning has gone well and up to this point, weather has cooperated.
  • The primary focus has been upon welcoming all here and starting some in-class assessment for potential needs. The reality is that all students have missed some work and skill-building.
  • Antiracism, equity and inclusion an integral part of all teaching this year. All staff have received much training in these areas prior to school beginning.
  • School Photos are happening on October 25th.
  • Mixed cohort (between grades, etc.) sports are on hold at the moment.
  • We have had a few questions. I have asked the Board about them and highlighted them below.
    • When will inter-school sports resume?  We do not have a timeline for these events at this point.  We are allowing inter-school sports to begin in secondary and will monitor this situation which will help us make an informed decision later this year.  In the interim, outdoor intramurals are a great option.
    • We had used Lunchbox for online food delivery in the past.  When can that resume?  At this point, we are holding on these initiatives until at least after Thanksgiving when we will re-evaluate.
    • How about school clubs?  School Clubs can begin if they are outside or if cohorts do not mix in any way inside.
    • Can we do spirit wear sales? – These can begin as long as there is a process in place that does not have parent volunteers coming into the school at this point as they are not “essential visitors” by the board and ministry definitions.  Regarding any distribution of spirit wear, appropriate physical distancing, masking and hand hygiene process would be necessary and cohorts could not mix inside




Financial report – Heather P

  • Expenses were minimal
  • Chromebook fundraising
  • No transfer to the playground fund last year – each year we try to put $1000 into this fund to accrue over time in case of repairs – we currently have $11k in this fund
  • Total funds we have – about $4132
  • What happened to agendas? The parent council gets $500 from the board but this money went right to the school.



Fundraising –

  • Nice to decide at the start of the year what we need to fundraise for and how we will do that fundraising
  • Nyman will collect needs from teachers and report back if she hears any
  • Want to create a technology fund so we have a plan when technology is needed. Heather clarified that we do have a fund allocated already, but we need to set a goal of how much each year. Council agreed on this idea moving forward and will discuss at future meetings how much we will put into this fund.
  • Christa to put together a “cash for chromebooks” wording, first fundraising ask of the year to raise $1000 towards this fund.
  • Motion to move the $13 HST refund into the new technology fund
  • At this time there are no plans for scientist in the classroom
  • Community events are unlikely at this time but structured things like assemblies outdoors might work

Fundraising ideas

  • Idea from Christa and Dana Thatcher on outside Christmas family event
    • Thatcher Farms is willing to give their space during the Xmas season to raise $ for the school – campfire, sleighrides
    • This item to be tabled for future meeting
  • Amy Price – Terra greenhouses
    • Amy is willing to do this if we focus on things that can be exposed to the elements and could be tied in with winter event
    • Need to follow up with Steph and see what the other vendor was, and how well received this was as a fundraiser – to be discussed at October meeting

Spirit Wear – Heidi M. 

  • Spirit wear would be good to boost morale but not as fundraiser
  • What items ? bracelet, ball caps
  • Ang to find out a contact as sports
  • Hometown sports – local to Guelph
  • Heidi to report back at October meeting and make decision to move ahead


Discussion on equity/diversity/inclusion

  • Note that we would like to continue this conversation in future


Elections for 2021/22

Chair – Christa Ormiston

Secretary  – Heidi to reach out to Steph and see about shared role

Treasurer – Heather Pollock


Parent Rep – Jeff Murray, Tia Marttala, Jenny Broadfoot

  • Interest in fundraising and organizing meetings – Jenny Broadfoot


Keep in mind facebook page for any promotions of things we are doing.


New Business

  • Next meeting: October 26 7pm
  • Time for meetings? Try for 7pm
  • Thank you for Chris – we need to discuss and organize this to recognize his efforts over the years




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