February Newsletter 2016

Posted February 28, 2016

At this time of year, the School Board begins the complicated process of ensuring we have exactly the right number of teachers for September.  This is partly why it is so important that all families who plan to send students to Kindergarten in September register between February 1st and 5th during the regular school day.  Knowing how many students will be in our classrooms allows us to more accurately staff schools and results in fewer disruptions for students in the fall.

Students at FAH continue to have opportunities for extracurricular experiences.  The Leadership Program is shifting its focus from leaders in training to leaders in action.  Students will be planning and leading various projects throughout the school.  The Chess Club will wrap up and the Knitting Club will get started this month.  Boys and girls basketball is running with a tournament mid-month.  Many students help out around the school in various ways:  Patrols, milk helpers, Kindergarten Nutrition Break and Recess Helpers are just a few of the activities in which our students engage and learn valuable skills.  These opportunities are available thanks to staff who are willing to stay after school and give up their lunch breaks.  I appreciate their dedication to our students.

Stay warm and enjoy the longer days!

Jane Bibby

Principal, École Fred A. Hamilton

2016-02-01 Newsletter FAH

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