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Posted September 11, 2016

wheatMonday – Important letter about school reorganization coming home; JK groups 1 & 2 at school all day
Tuesday – JK groups 3 & 4 at school all day; Safety Patrol Meeting with Officer Robin
Wednesday – All JK students at school all day; students who are changing classes will start the day in their permanent classrooms
Friday – Pokémon Club in the gym at second recess

School Reorganization

Every year, the school board has to shuffle things around within the board to comply with Ministry requirements for class size and school organization.  This year, we are not gaining or losing a class, but we do have to slide a few students from one class into another.  I will call you on Monday evening if your child is one who will be moving.  There will be a visiting time scheduled on Tuesday for students to visit their new classrooms and meet their buddy who will be a special friend during the transition.  On Wednesday, anyone who is moving will start the day in their permanent classroom.

Accident Insurance

Forms will be coming home today describing the accident insurance you can buy through the board.  Please review the information carefully.  If your child is injured at school, then some costs may not be covered by your work insurance plan – or you may not have work insurance plans and then things like dental work can become very costly after an accident.  Please send the completed forms back to school as soon as possible.

Milk, Lunch Lady and Pizza

These will be starting in October.  You can go online now and place your orders.  If you don’t yet have an online account, then please call the school for assistance.

Open House and School Council

Mark Thursday, September 22nd on your calendars!  That is the evening of our Open House from 5:30-7:00 and then our first School Council meeting from 7:00-8:30 PM.

Thank you gardeners!

Many thanks to the team of dedicated families who watered trees and gardens at school during an exceptionally hot, dry summer.  Thanks to your efforts, our trees and plants survived a very harsh season.

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