School Council October Meeting Agenda

Posted October 9, 2020

Fred A Hamilton School Council

Meeting Agenda – October 15th, 2020, 6:30 – 7:30pm

Google Meet: FAH School Council 

Please log in to your student’s UGCloud account to access the Meet.


  1. Welcome, review agenda and approval of minutes
  2. Virtual meeting norms – share process for virtual meetings
  3. Financial update and spending plans – identify opportunities for Council to support learning needs
  4. Learning ideas – draft a list of learning interests and possible guests
  5. Principal’s update – share information with parents
  6. Halloween update – share plan to celebrate, in lieu of School Council-sponsored Halloween Dance
  7. Adjourn meeting 
  8. Next meeting:  November 19, 2020

Virtual Meeting Norms 

To ensure respectful and efficient use of the technology to host meetings, we will adhere to two different sets of norms, depending on the number of meeting attendees and format. 

In meetings with more than 12 participants and during presentations by an invited guest:

  • To minimize disruption to the discussion and maintain connection, cameras will be on at the beginning and end of the meeting 
  • Participants are asked to keep their microphones muted
  • Participants are asked to type questions into the chat bar; the co-chairs will facilitate the discussion

In meetings with 12 or fewer participants: 

  • Cameras may be on
  • Participants are asked to keep their microphones muted, unless they are speaking
  • Participants are asked to raise their hand when they wish to contribute; the co-chairs will facilitate the discussion

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