Soirée d’Hiver Update

Posted December 9, 2022

The Fred A Hamilton School Council presents

Soirée d’Hiver

Fred A Hamilton friends and families are invited to an evening of fun and gathering at the school from 5-7pm on December 15. Some of the activities happening throughout the evening include: crafts, cookie decorating, building challenges, snacks for sale, story time, raffles, and the Winter Market (no adults allowed!).

Pizza Orders

Similar to past School Council events, families can order whole pizzas in advance and pick them up at the event. Pizza will not be available for purchase during the event. The School Council will also have a small selection of pre-packaged snacks available to purchase at the event. Order your pizza through School Cash Online by (date)

What is the Winter Market?

Supported by the Eco-Team, the Winter Market is only open to students – no adults allowed! Students will have the opportunity to purchase gently-used items (priced at $5 or less) as a gift for a family member or friend. The Grade 6 students will even wrap the gifts to be taken home as a surprise.

Families are invited to contribute gently used items that children can buy (at a low cost) to give to parents, grandparents, siblings etc., over the holidays or at another time. We welcome toys, but also more adult items like mugs, books, unused candles, costume jewelry, scarves, handbags, ties, sports equipment, frames, ornaments, and whatever other treasures you have at home and are willing to donate.

Donations can be brought to school or dropped off at the office from Dec 5 through 14.


There will be a selection of packaged snacks and bottled beverages available for purchase during the event. We will also have a selection of warm beverages for purchase. Help contribute to our eco-friendly initiatives by bringing your own mug to fill up!

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