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Grade 9 Orientation Day – Monday August 30th!


We are SO happy to announce an ORIENTATION DAY!

Grade 9 Orientation Day will be happening on Monday, August 30th. Each grade 9 student will have TWO senior mentors– their LINK Leaders– with whom they will meet during orientation. These LINK Leaders will also be their mentors for their first year of high school.

The purpose of the orientation and the LINK mentorship program is to help ease the transition for grade 9 students into high school, meet a variety of students from all grades, and encourage grade 9’s to get involved at GCVI.

Between August 27th-29th all grade 9’s can expect a call from one of their LINK Leaders.

More information about the day will be shared later in August, but you can expect a fun-filled event that will include a school tour and everything you need to know about GCVI. 

 It is recommended that grade 9 students attend; however, if you are unable to attend, you will still be assigned a student mentor who will assist with the transition into grade 9. 

Thank you,

Your LINK CREW teachers (Ms. Goodreau, Mr. Gouthro, Mr. MacDonald, Mr. Robinson, Ms. Zahnd)  and LINK Leaders

**Please note that activities for orientation will follow Public Health guidelines at the time of the event.

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