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Visual Arts

Students may be expected to supply some of their own materials and to keep a sketch-book which is a major part of the overall evaluation for each course. An Art fee may be collected for enhanced materials or upgrades. This fee is non-refundable. Students hoping to enroll in a course by “permission of the department” must arrange an interview with the art department before being allowed to take the course. Samples of student art work must be submitted as part of the interview process. A field trip is a compulsory component of all Visual Arts courses.

Art Teachers

Teacher Voice Mail
Mr. Dan Crabbe (Dept. Head) Ext. 327
Ms. Suzan Bell Ext. 465
Mr. Chris Lyon Ext. 440
Mr. Stephen Osterberg Ext. 493

Art Courses

Course Outline
Gr 9 Visual Arts AVI 1O
Gr 10 Visual Arts AVI 2O
Gr 10 Media Arts ASM 2O
Gr 11 Visual Arts (University/College Prep) AVI 3M
Gr 11 Non-Traditional Media AWT 3O
Gr 12 Visual Arts (University/College Prep)  AVI4M