Grade 7/8 Guidance Update from Mrs. Kennedy

Posted March 26, 2019

These past two months, students have had the opportunity to continue to explore pathways and buildMyblueprint 1 upon their digital portfolios. Recently, we dedicated some time to setting personal and academic goals, both short and long term.

Here’s some more information on the value of goal setting:

“Goal setting is important at all stages of life to help identify what is important to us and how we plan to accomplish those things. They can be big milestones (e.g., climbing to the top of a mountain, or purchasing a home) or they can be smaller steps, laddering up to an overarching goal (e.g., reading book number three out of a six-book series, or increasing the weight you can lift in preparation for a fitness competition). Goals give us something to work toward and help us develop a growth mindset. As we fulfill our action plans and reach our goals, we recognize the value of hard work, inspiring us to set new targets.” ​~ MyBlueprint District Year-at-a-glance

As we move towards the end of the year, students should take time to revisit their goals: to track their progress and potentially alter one’s goals to accommodate for any changes that arise. Students will also have the opportunity to continue to build upon their digital portfolios and reflect on their learning journey this year.

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