Grade 7/8 Guidance Update from Mrs. Kennedy

Posted May 30, 2019

As we are only a couple weeks away from the end of another school year, students have many exciting transitions to look forward to. Throughout the year, intermediate students have been presented with many opportunities to explore the Four-Step Inquiry Process (see below) and prepare for the upcoming changes in life.

Here are some highlights:

  • ❖  Identifying Learning Styles, Personality Traits,

    Strengths, Interests, and Motivations

  • ❖  Creating Digital Portfolios
  • ❖  Exploring Future Careers and Pathways
  • ❖  Goal Setting
  • ❖  Financial Literacy
  • ❖  Self Advocacy Skills

    In wrapping up this school year, one of the most important competencies that students require is effective decision making. Here’s some more information on the value of teaching quality decision making:

    “Teaching students to make thoughtful decisions sets them up for success not only in school, but in the world of work. Better decision making improves students’ self-determination and study habits because they are capable of understanding their strengths and weaknesses, can identify resources available to help them plan their choices, and can learn from their experiences. Beyond the classroom, potential employers look to decision making skills as a key component of successful, independent behaviour. ”

    ~ MyBlueprint District Year-at-a-glance

    In closing this year off, students are encouraged to reflect upon all of their guidance learning from this school year to better equip them in future transitions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher or email me at ​​ or ​​.

    You can also follow the UGDSB Grade 7/8 Guidance Counsellors on Twitter (​@UGDSBGuidance​)

    Save the date for Grade 9 Orientation:
    CDDHS – Aug. 27th 8:45am-noon
    Westside Secondary School – Aug. 28th 9am-1pm
    ODSS – Aug. 29th 8am-2pm
    Erin Secondary School – Aug. 28th 9am-1pm

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