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Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Learners are engaged and motivated when given the opportunity to meet the needs of a community by enhancing concepts, ideas or products, taking risks and experimenting with new strategies.

Learners will:
  • Contribute unique solutions to complex economic, social and environmental problems involving leadership and independent/unconventional thinking.
  • Formulate and express insightful questions and opinions to generate novel ideas.
  • Contribute solutions to complex economic, social and environmental problems or to meet a need in a community in a number of ways including; enhancing concepts, ideas, or products through a creative process, taking risks in their thinking and creating, discovering through inquiry research, and by hypothesizing and experimenting with new strategies or techniques.
  • Demonstrate leadership, initiative, imagination, creativity, spontaneity and ingenuity in a range of creative processes, and motivate others with an ethical entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Plan and manage a design process that considers design constraints and calculated risks.


Innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship involve the ability to turn ideas into action. Entrepreneurial mindsets and skills
involve a focus on building and scaling an idea sustainably, which requires examining new techniques/perspectives, through inquiry

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Examples of Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship in the UGDSB